Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trichotomy of trichotomies

There are three areas of competition: three battlegrounds. The state, the firm, and the mind of the public.

There are three forces. Anarchy is increasing: which is to say that technology is reducing the barrier to entry for power. Genetic enhancement will come along soon and increase the number of people who will be able to obtain power. It should also make humans both less xenophobic and less egalitarian. After all, if a corporation that genetically modifies human beings wants to reduce its tax burden it may engineer people to be less concerned with equality, and if it wants workers who get along with each other better,it may engineer humans who are less racist. These two forces pull against the Cathedral and disrupt its ability to control what human beings think. The ideas of the Cathedral are built on legacy genetics from a bygone tribal era. When those genes are disrupted so will its ideology.

There are Three Horseman of the liberal apocalypse. Islam destroys liberalism through invasion and out-breeding. Patriarchy also destroys liberalism though out-breeding. Capitalism destroys liberalism by destroying the genetics of egalitarianism. The middle class will want their children to be successful and will have the money to pay for genetic enhancement. Expecting parents will get on a plane to fly to China and visit a clinic in order to have their future children enhanced. They will want happy children, healthy children, smart children, and gifted children. They will inadvertently make their children "more like capitalism," and capitalism will act as a selection force on the genetics of the human race. Even liberals who loudly proclaim their love of equality will practice genetic enhancement of their offspring secretly.

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