Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What Nature Has Ruled Against

Nature has pronounced judgement against white guilt. Those who hate themselves too much to reproduce are to be destroyed by cultural sterility. Guilt over original sin use to fuel the conquest, extermination, and conversion of foreign genes. Under the influence of men like (((Howard Zinn))) it has been turned into white racial guilt. It now fuels the conquest and non-reproductive extinction of native genes. Gnon pronounces pathological guilt "guilty" and sentences it to extinction. If that makes the world more sociopathic, less liberal, or more conservative, so be it.

The religious reproduce more than the non-religious. Gnon pronounces atheism guilty and sentences atheism to extinction.

The cucked branches of Christianity reproduce at below break-even rates. The non-cucked religions do not. Gnon sentences the cucked religions to extinction. All future Christians shall be Amish, Mennonites, Mormons, and Orthodox, with some angry Westboro types thrown in the mix. Thus saith the Lord thy Gnon.

Muslims reproduce. Apparently, believing in a divine right to conquer others is good for birth rates. Who knew? Gnon smiles on Islam. Thus saith the Lord your Gnon, Islam shall dominate. Break-even is 2.1 children per couple in the first world and 2.3 in the developing world. See below for a related infographic.

Gnon finds the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement too pathetic to be worthy of life. Humans shall not go extinct, Gnon says, but the VHEM shall. All future humans shall be chauvinistic.

Gnon rules against feminism. Feminism shall be sentenced to death by childlessness. All future females shall be submissive. The female sex shall be rendered more submissive by the selection mechanism of birth control. In the future, all females shall be the product of a thousand generations of natural selection by birth control against women who don't want to have children. All women a thousand years from now shall be submissive, sex starved, and mad with baby rabies. Thus saith the Lord Gnon.

The sun will go supernova. In the long-term, Gnon finds only space traveling humans worthy of life. All hail Elon Musk! May his wealthy patrons reproduce forever and ever. Amen. Those who don't believe in space travel shall be burnt in the oven of the sun. Those who cannot afford to leave Earth are doomed.

Gnon rules against genderless freaks. If nobody knows what parts you have between you legs you cannot reproduce. Gnon rules against transgenders by making them sterile. Gender is good, thus saith Gnon.

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