Monday, March 6, 2017

You Oppress Yourself

All modern systems of oppression are created by the people who are oppressed by them. The people attack anyone who tells them this truth. As a result, the people guarantee their own ignorance. The wise man looks around and understands the system. He responds to the incentive created by the people. Rather than tell the people that they are a legion of ignorant fools, (which would only provoke their hostility), he climbs the social ladder and positions himself to take a percentage of the profits from their oppression. He recognizes that the people are cognitive misers and are unworthy of freedom. They are not willing to take the minimum amount of effort necessary to stop feeding energy into the systems that oppress them. They are not willing to study economics. They are not willing to think. "Fuck them. Pay me," he says.

All modern systems of oppression are perpetuated by the oppressed themselves, who also perpetuate their own ignorance by responding with hostility to those who remind them they are blithering idiots. I won't explain the economics to you for the proofs I am about to give you. If you want understand that, it is up to you to find out for yourself. I don't reward cognitive misers by doing their work for them. I'm too lazy.


(1). Voters vote for rent control, which causes housing shortages and raises rents on all non-rent controlled units. If you vote for liberal politicians you vote to raise your own housing costs through restrictions on growth, open space laws, form and space codes, zoning ordinances, etc. All of these restrict growth in housing stock and cause artificial increases in the price of rent. The liberal poor react with the greatest hostility towards new development.

(2). Voters vote for subsidies for college education, which lowers their own wages in the long-term by increasing the supply of competitors in their own field. By voting for college subsidies, you lowered your own wage.

(3). Women open their legs for dominant men, thus guaranteeing the continuation of male dominance by rewarding it. They could choose unattractive beta males, but won't. The individual preference of the female for the strong, tall, confident, rich male, creates a competition among men to be the most dominant player in society. All winner-take-all systems are built on hypergamy. The inequality of the world is built on the sexual inequality of female sexual preferences. Hypergamy creates patriarchy and inequality, as men race each other for pussy power. The viscous competition of capitalism is a direct result of the competition for sex.

(4). McDonald's exists because you have eaten there. You finance fast food. It would not exist otherwise. You created fast food by paying for it.

(5). Oil companies are only in business because you fill up your tank with gas. The BP Gulf Oil Spill was financed by your purchases. So was the Exxon Valdez incident.

(6). Liberals vote for the free immigration that will destroy their country. Once America is no longer White it will no longer be free. The project of liberalism ends when it succeeds. Belief in equality, rule of law, the Constitution, etc., are White beliefs. Immigration also lowers your wage by increasing market competition.

(7). The low IQ support communism. Peasants are generally low IQ. Communism kills peasants by the millions. It is probably more effective at eugenics than Hitler.

(8). Venezuela, where millions of idiots voted for their own destruction.

Democracy is in fact a system for getting the stupid to voluntarily support their own oppression by the elite.


Most of my readers are neoreactionaries I assume. So most of you have probably not voted against your own interests in quite some time. In this case it is more accurate to say that stupid voters oppress you, since your not actually doing this to yourself. Most NRx types understand Econ 101.

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