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All About White Nationalism: it's Beliefs, Prospects, Enemies, and Potential Consequences. Realistic Plan Included.


I am a political designer. That is what I do. To perform that function to have to have a pretty amoral attitude towards politics. Amoral is not immoral. The first is indifferent towards morality while the second is against it. I am a philosophical arms dealer. I give weapons of ideology and strategy to any party that I think possesses the realism to win. My personal attitude towards politics is that everyone should get what they want. Stupidity in politics is a crime, and if giving a man what he wants destroys him then nature's justice has been rendered. There is no right in the physical universe to be stupid. I am perfectly happy to give a man a communist a state — separately from me. Obviously I would never want to live in it myself. My view is that the world should be divided up into thousands of micronations, and people allowed to migrate to whatever state serves their ideology best. If a man chooses wrong and it kills him, oh well, justice has been served. In the end nature is the ultimate judge of every man. Designing a white nationalist system is just another design from my perspective. Furthermore, this is just theoretical. It is just a thought experiment, and I do not support terrorism in any manner. It is not terrorism if the state does it. It is "intelligence operations." Keep that in mind later.

On the False Belief in (Successful) White Genocide

As some of you probably already know, I subscribe to a materialist technology-driven view of humanity. To the consternation of many, I am basically a right-wing Marxist, (if there is such a thing). This is because I come out of the Hegelian/Landian techno-commercial wing of neoreaction. I essentially believe that all human culture is driven by material forces, especially the material force of technology, and that religion and ideology play very little role in shaping human destiny since they are themselves products of material conditions. I have gone so far as to outline a five-phase model of human civilization crafted in accordance with this presumption. I have also written extensively about the effects of birth control on society, and the morally corrosive effects of technology on human ethics.

Let me get to the point.

The White race is in decline and reproducing and below break-even levels.
However, Muslims are also reproducing at ever lower and lower levels in all places not being bombed by American forces.
Latino birth rates are dropping, but still above break-even.
Asian birth rates are in free fall.
African birth rates are still high, for now.

Observe the chart below. Even Brazil is at 1 to 2 children per couple. Break-even is 2. Link to source. Look at the source provided and scroll down to the part that says, "Major Regions." Observe that large sections of Latin America and East Asia are at below break-even levels. Even the other parts of Latin America are at 2 to 3 children per couple.

Sorry to take the wind out of anyone's sails, but the White race is not going extinct, (in relative terms), any time soon. By relative terms, I mean that if we are headed towards extinction, so is every other race.

How do so many people on the alt-right believe in White genocide? Because there is a concerted effort by some people to create it. There are some Jews, (not all), and some minorities (not all), actively cheering for the extinction of Whites: like the assholes listed here. However, wishes are not horses, and Whites will still exist thousands of years from now.

What is happening is extremely simple: birth control and urbanization. As people move to the cities birth rates are plummeting. In the countryside, children are an asset. In the city, they are a financial liability. Urbanization, combined with reproductive technology, is driving birth rates way down. East Asia, not Europe, is where this process is most dramatic.

Reproductive technology was invented by Americans first. Thus, it affects White countries most severely. It spreads out like a wave across the Earths surface. It reaches White countries first because they developed it first. It reaches Asia second because they developed it second. It reaches Latin America third because they developed it third. It reaches Africa last because Africa is developing last. Why are East Asian birth rates lower that White ones? Because their governments are forcing urbanization at higher levels than normal as a means of population control. The rate of decline is a function of (rate of adoption of birth control) x (speed of urbanization). The fact that birth rates are declining in White countries first, is simply a function of developing first. Whites are not going extinct, (not unless every race is going extinct). The world is just returning to a pre-industrial racial population ratio.

I also do not think the human race is likely to go extinct. Groups like the Amish have rejected technology. These groups may serve as a reservoir for the human species. Future humans will be largely farm dwellers. Cities will empty out after their populations die out.  The cost of a house in Tokyo declines every year as the countryside continues to reproduce itself. When empires collapse, people go back to the farm. Want to preserve you genes? Become a farmer.

Why The Population Bubble Happened in the First Place

1837. John Deere invents the steel plow. Source.
1911. First antibiotic approved for market use. Source.
1921 to 1970, all serious childhood diseases cured with vaccines. Rubella is last in 1970. Source.
1960. Birth control released to the public. Source.
1980. Level of urbanization in the U.S. exceeds 73.7 percent. Source.

Notice that there is roughly a half-century gap between the introduction of the first antibiotic and the development of birth control. Levels of urbanization were already at about 46 percent in 1910, but there was no direct ability of women to limit their conception of children. This is probably why Asia is in free fall. Unlike us, their urbanization occurs after birth control, and not before.

The gap is significant because what you see here are two sets of technologies One set of technologies increases population, (steel plows and antibiotics), while another set of technologies/behaviors decreases birth rates, (birth control combined with urbanization). The fact that there is a half-century gap between these two sets of technologies, is the reason that the the worlds population will reach about 9.7  billion by 2050, and go no higher. What you are seeing here is a massive population bubble created by the gap between population increasing and population decreasing technologies. It is that gap that has created the world in which we live. We are the people born as a consequence of modern technologies like antibiotics, fed as a result of the steel plow, and kept alive during their childhoods as a result of vaccines. By 1970 all of the worst childhood diseases were cured. The population increasing technologies happened first over a series of decades from 1837 to 1970, while the population decreasing technologies occurred between about 1960 and onward. This is going to produce a 9.7 billion population bubble that is going to crash in the future. When we look at declining birth rates what we are seeing is the beginning of the end of the bubble in White countries. That collapse in population is going to spread outward though the whole world, and the rest of the world is going to collapse faster because their urbanization occurred after birth control while our urbanization occurred before, thus, movement to the cities translates directly into population collapse for them even faster than for us.

So You Still Want An Ethnostate? Let Us Firgue Out How To Do That

But let us say that after realizing this, you decide that you still want an ethnostate. After all, there is no guarantee that birth rates will level out after the collapse of the population bubble. We could be looking at the potential end of the human species as we know it. Whites are part of the human species, therefore a problem exists. Maybe you want to preserve them no matter what, and you figure that an ethnostate is the way to do that. That's cool. I'm not judging you.

Although I am not a White nationalist I am sympathetic to all the various form of ethnic nationalism: including Black nationalism, Asian nationalism, Hmong nationalism, Tibetan nationalism, whatever. I view racism both as an inevitability, and a tragedy. As Avenue Q would say, "we're all just a little bit racist."

Racism used to be funny, I guess. Identity politics ruined that for many people.

Of course, all of the analysis I have done presumes that Africans will respond to material forces the same way that other races have. If not, we (meaning other races) are completely screwed.

Want to produce a White ethnostate in the most nonviolent way possible? (1) Give farms to White nationalists and teach them how to grow. (2) Monopolize all farms in the hands of Whites. (3) Make those farms tax exempt. (4) Cut immigration to zero. (5) Build the wall. (6) Let the multi-ethnic cities die off.

Nature will do the rest.

Moreover, farming is better for the morals of people. It involves hard work and gives you a ready-made tight-knit high trust community. It produces more babies because it naturally produces better morals. Farms are also the places most distant from the corrupting influence of the universities, and their gender studies professors. Ideology reaches the farm last.

This is not just an effective way to accomplish the goals of WN, it is also the least potentially violent because the countryside is sparsely populated. It would be far more devastating to try to physically remove the inhabits of a major city that to simply buy up land and give it to Whites. Physical removal is a violent process. In contrast, buying real estate is a simple transaction. Through a simple and relentless campaign of purchasing, nearly all land could be acquired.

Of course the left would violently oppose you. They would ultimately make a peaceful program administered in private hands impossible. And what happens when liberal city dwellers realize their destiny is extinction because they did not breed? Robert Mugabe seized the land of White farmers. There is no guarantee that a majority minority society would leave White people alone. Envy is how stupid people make everyone equal. Realistically, you have to control the government if you want to survive. The left is too evil to die off without trying to take everyone else to the grave with it.

Building a White Nationalist State

Speaking completely hypothetically;

First, switch America to a "land area-based electoral college." You know how the left wants to abolish the electoral college to disenfranchise the right? If the number of votes in the House is based on the amount of land you have, and not your population, then Alaska will get more votes than Texas, and Texas will get more votes than Los Angeles. Democrats would never win another presidential election again. Do the same for the Senate. Don't think you can get the votes for a Constitutional Amendment? Hold a convention of rural states and switch all the rural states to a land area-based system. Then every state but the coastal ones will vote conservative in every election. Do things incrementally. Then, kick California out of the union — with war if necessary. (California is 55 electoral votes). Now you have a constitutional two-thirds majority, and you can modify the document as you see fit. Switch the remaining state to a land area-based system.

At the same time tax all campaign contributions at 80%. Then, give "campaign contribution vouchers," to the members of a nationalist party, and only a nationalist party. Now you control all elections through control of nearly all donations. Make all members of the nationalist party sign their resignation letters in advance. If they betray the movement, fire them.

Of course the Supreme Court would try to block you. Other societies have dealt with this situation with untimely deaths. They then issued presidential pardons to the killers.

One-party states outlaw all other parties. They allow guys like "Based Stick Man" to do what they do best. They issue presidential pardons to private security forces in league with the government. They build up a paramilitary force like the SA Weimar Germany under the sanction of the state.

They rewrite the constitution after ceasing power. They strip women and people who don't own property of the right to vote. They redistribute massive amounts of land to their dominant ethic majority. They police the cucks in their own party with untimely deaths. They pardon the killers openly and have show trials. They laugh at the whole thing on television. People then get the message.

Protesters? Water cannons and reeducation camps. Riots? They deport the rioters.

Once they have an ethnostate they would conquer disobedient states like California and drive the social justice warriors into the sea.

They would turn the cities into city states. They would let the cities stay multi-ethnic, but limit them to one child per couple. They would let time will do the rest.

And they keep even seemingly "nice" Jewish influence out of the whole thing, otherwise they get destroyed.

Disclaimer: I advocate only for actions performed by the state, never actions performed against the state. THEY DO IT. I'm not advocating that we do it. Going up against the state is useless and stupid.

The Origins of the Problem

But let us not forget the origins of this whole problem. Race relations were improving for a long time in the US until the invention of identity politics. Race relations peaked sometime in the late 90's, IMO. We are used to seeing this problem from the bottom up, from the "goldfish bowl" perspective. But let us look at things from the top down. Let us look at things the way the powerful people who control our society look at them. And let us keep three dictum's in mind that are true, but may seem absurd at first glance;

One: Congress is a marketplace for the purchasing of laws.
Two: every election is akin to an advanced auction of stolen goods.
Three: ideology is to power as marketing is to business.

It follows that as the state grows, the level of ideological hysteria and indoctrination will also grow. Ideology is marketing for power. If you are a politician and need to get elected, and if White people keep voting against you and your party, then what do you do? Why you work to suppress their birthrates of course. Take a look at this map;

What you see here is a map of incentives. There is a massive incentive to sterilize the White race, as well as to bring minority voters into the country. How do you accomplish that? The Democratic party believes it can through ideology and illegal immigration. The ideological component is specifically targeted to use ideas like feminism and environmentalism to sterilize Whites. If only People of Color voted, the Democrats would win every election. The obvious solution is to be rid of the White race. Indeed, that is exactly the agenda of the modern left.

This is because Congress is a marketplace for the purchasing of laws, everything is a business, the two parties are two corporations, they measure their profits in terms of votes, and they compete for limited market share. The Democratic and Republican parties are like Coke vs Pepsi, or PC vs Apple. They are a duopoly, (monopoly of two corporations). Government is literally a corporation, no joke. Anarcho capitalism is not a fantasy. It is the actually existing state of the world we live in. It is how things really work. And we live in a corrupt anarcho capitalist marketplace for the purchasing of redistribution of other people's money. Purchases of redistribution are cumulative over time because the actors that make the purchases, (through campaign contributions) are still active in politics and they resist any attempt to destroy their cash cows. As a result, the market accumulates redistribution over time. This "legislative accumulation" / accumulation of redistribution eventually strangles the economy and leads to the nations collapse. A collapse of a democracy is the collapse of the market. Democracies have a "business cycle" of about 300 years. Most nations are not democracies, (markets) they are single-party states, (oligopolies), monarchies, (monopolies) or dictatorships, (monopolistic cartels). The field they compete over is predatory coercion. In contradistinction to the free market, the coercion market competes over redistribution. Unlike the free market, the coercion market produces nothing, and survives through parasitism only.

Thus, when I say that as power expands ideology also expands I hope that you will see what I am talking about. Ideology is marketing for power. It is the coercion markets version of marketing. L'Oreal sells cosmetics. The Democrats sell White genocide. One company measures their profit in dollars. The other in votes. This is how the America really works.

Don't be so surprised. Republicans do something similar though less sinister methods. Voter ID laws? The Democrats bring illegal immigrants into the country to vote. Republicans suppress these votes with voter ID laws. The fact that many Latinos who are here illegally still have the integrity to abstain from voting in our elections is simply an incentive to bring even more of them in.

Methods For Canceling The Incentive

No doubt that elite Democrats would like to suppress White birth rates even more than they already have. No doubt there is a concerted effort in the universities to perform this propaganda function. (The universities were long ago converted into a propaganda machine for Coke the Democratic party/corporation). What is truly remarkable is how little it is working. Japanese birth rates are even lower than ours, despite no apparent state-sponsored propaganda against them. Perhaps as the level of ideology ratchets up to accommodate and justify ever larger levels of redistribution from Whites, people become increasingly indifferent to the ideology/advertising.

Thus, I maintain my original assertion: that the primary cause of declining birth rates is urbanization and birth control. No doubt though, propaganda plays a part. What if the direction of propaganda was reversed? What if we promoted White birth rates? Positive propaganda would probably achieve much greater effects than negative propaganda since that would be a life affirming message, and life affirming messages sell better. People also look for ways to discredit a negative message, while in contrast, they look for reasons to accept a positive message. Whites have also been made to feel guilty from birth due to being raised in a Christian/leftist culture, so they are fairly indifferent to it.

This brings us to a fundamental analysis of the structure of the machine. Because this is a coercion market. The incentive to demonize Whites is caused by the need to use propaganda to justify redistribution against Whites. This involves turning White women against White men, and all people against White men. And that involves having the two sexes vote separately. But if only married couples are allowed to vote, and if only votes where both the husband and wife voted the same way are counted, then there is no more capacity to turn White women against White men. Well, I mean that there is no more incentive to do so. If you and your wife have to vote the same way all the way down the ballot in order to get your vote counted, friction is internalized into the marriage, and can no longer be exploited for political ends. Under such a voting system, telling White women to hate their husbands simply generates friction, and causes their ballots to not be counted when they submit it together. (The ballot has two sides that must match up with each other to be counted. It is a single document turned in by a married couple). Of course this is not necessarily good for marital harmony. Couples will definitely get to know the politics of their partner. But it absolutely destroys the incentive for sterilizing ideologies like feminism to exist. Any ideology that creates friction between men and women simply lowers the vote count of the political party doing it.

Everything is downstream from incentives. The incentive for White genocide (through the means of feminism) can be (partially) destroyed by only allowing couples to vote, and only in the way described above. Other incentives of promoting White genocide will have different remedies.

Let us list out the incentives for White genocide and tackle them one by one.

(1) Voting patterns among Whites favor the Republicans and create an incentive to suppress the birth rates of Whites.
(2) Voting patterns among Latinos and Muslims favor the Democrats and create an incentive to import these minorities.

The obvious solution is to destroy the incentive. There is a vote/money equivalent. Since elections are bought and paid for, there is a theoretical point at which a vote is worth a certain number of dollars: meaning, a politician would rather have the campaign contribution that the vote — because he or she can use the campaign contribution to buy advertising that will get him a vote. There is an "exchange rate" for votes with money at the point where it is more advantageous to have money than votes. This point varies by the voting district. A state like California is going to the Democrats no matter what. So a Democratic politician would rather have any amount of dollars than votes from California. Same with a Republican politician. In a swing district, a politician might spend 400 dollars for every vote, because it might cost that much per vote to win that district, (or whatever). Votes cost money in terms of advertising, volunteer work, etc. The obvious solution to White genocide is to tax the Democratic party for every Latino that comes into the country at such a high rate that it is effectively costing the Democratic party votes by depriving them of the financing they need to get elected. An additional tax on all registered Democrats themselves that is linked to the number of immigrants in society would also help discourage further immigration.

IF, and that's a big if, you could get the Courts to uphold your tax. If not, then you are right back at "untimely deaths," and the "Night of Long Knives" as your only workable remedy. Can you think of a single action that you could take in order to remedy the problem that would not be obstructed by the Supreme Court? No. Of course not. Eventually you are going to have to make your decision stick. That simply cannot be done in any way without a few accidents organized from the Oval Office. This is no support for terrorism. It isn't terrorism when the US government does it. Everyone knows that. There are many simple solutions that we might come up with. Many are non-violent. The accusation from the left that racism always leads to Hitler is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Their opposition guarantees that only a bloody path will work. Like in Stalin's Russia, the level of violence is proportionate to the insecurity of power. One must go through dictatorship to get to monarchy. There is no other way. The opposition of the left guarantees a minimum level of insecurity. Again, I advocate only for actions performed by the state, and never for actions taken against the state. Capiche? Right-wing activism always fails. However, state-sponsored activism never fails. Read the the first two chapters of that last link to find out how state-sponsored activism can succeed.

And realize that there is no other way. Ending White genocide ultimately means ending unsecure power since elections create an incentive for mass immigration, and since we now live in an era of mass transportation. The very fact of transportation technology combined with unsecure power is going to create mass immigration. The only reason ancient democracies did not do it was because the technology did not exist. Modern societies require a one-party state to be ethnically secure.

Lastly, this is all just theory and speculation. Do not go out and do anything violent because of me. I do not condone terrorism. Only states have a legitimate monopoly on violence. I'm serious about that. The effective strategy is always to use the government, and never to go against it.


  1. Tropical Africa's population growing is dependent on welfare and other foreign interferences. Without it, it'd surely fall apart and be more in line with the past (which was repeatedly significantly less populated than Eurasia). Africa is the most backwards area on Earth with the least productive populations on.

  2. Anyway, "White Genocide" doesn't actually work as a rallying cry for the following issues:

    1. "Genocide" is too brutal a term. Sure, the hordes of Trump voters might notice mass immigration and birthrates, but they don't see Whites getting marched to death camps.

    2. Whites in America and Western to Northern Europe aren't taught to see themselves as victims. Yes, this involves White Privilege babble, but it also goes back to success.

    1. Agreed. The term is an exaggeration, but I use it anyway because nit picking the term is not what this article was intended to be about. I just wanted to talk about my theory that all of world population growth and collapse is caused by technology — that we are in a population bubble. I also wanted to point out that because of massive cathedral opposition, there is no White nationalism that doesn't lead to national socialism, and that you had better be prepared for that inevitable consequence if you go there. And I wanted to point all this out without endorsing a position on the issue.

    2. Well, what's to worry abou then? Whitey will live on for a really long time as a ruling (or at least above the muds) race with Jews or East Asians. Not even Negroes in Africa are really a threat once the immigration obsession fades out.

  3. Well, I can tell you one thing, your six-step program is exactly how Romanians got Transsylvania. In the 19th century they formed credit unions and banks to buy as much land as possible for landless R. agricultural workers. The sellers were the descendants of Hungarian peasants who got educated and went to the city to work a better job (and then did not have as many children) and Hungarian noblemen who gambles their wealth away, spent it on luxuries and went bankrupt (again, that was typically done in a city. Paris used to be their Vegas.) From that on Romanian numbers swelled, and the Hungarian and German numbers dwindled. Germans of Transylvania, who were always living in fairly urbane situations in mining-industrial towns, basically disappeared, their number got very low due to shit birth rates and then the remaining few thousand were bought out by Germany from Ceaucescu and moved there because under Kohl an ethnic sense of Germanness was not yet verboten, unlike now. Urbanized Hungarians dwindled in places like Cluj, which used to be a German-Hungarian city, while the very rural Szeklers in North Transsylvania, basically mountain rednecks, managed to hold on.

    So far, spot on.

    Besides, Romans already knew this shit. It is not new. They romanticized the living fuck out of being a rural bumpkin because they wanted to have a lot of kids to fill up the legions with.

    Best Regards

    The Dividualist


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