Saturday, April 8, 2017

Aphorisms no. 37

The basic progressive idea is that the world can be shamed into becoming more moral. This of course presumes that only the progressive is moral, that the problems of the world are moral and not structural, that the progressive is competent to assess the situation, that reality is easy to understand, that the he is capable of understanding it, that he has the patience to hear the answer, that he is not the ultimate cause himself, etc., etc. In reality he is just a shrieking monkey without a clue, a solution, or any humility, striving to feel superior. It is a foolish, delusional, infantile sentiment by a man without the competence to solve the problem or even the patience to hear the solution from another. In the final analysis he interferes with the very solutions that competent men develop for all the problems he hates. "Aggressive stupidity" is a charitable estimation. He causes all of the oppression he and the rest of the world endures. He actually oppresses himself. I have never met a liberal with the attention span needed to solve the problems he hates.

The ham-fisted message? "Somehow this is your fault."

Edit: the solution to poverty is to have less poor people. Reproductive licencing could have prevented this.

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