Friday, April 14, 2017

Index of best articles

Here is a list of the posts I have written that I judge to be either high quality, crucial reading, or both. Every one is on the list for a reason. Either someone recommended it, they received a lot of links, page views, etc. In roughly reverse chronological order;

The crucial role of the principled conservative in societal decline
Decline cannot happen without the conservative.

Everyone is just wailing in hell
A plea for the human race to shut up.

The relentless march of anarchy
About the future of humanity.

The Gnostic Failure Mode

What Nature Has Ruled Against
How Nature and Nature's God has passed judgement on certain things.

You Oppress Yourself
All the ways you actually cause your own "oppression." It is a rebuttal to standard leftist complains.

We need /vaccine/antiboitic/drug 3D printers
About viral threats and new technologies.

Genetic Math: or how to destroy patriarchy if you really want to
About the origins of male dominance and inequality, how these things are immutable, and how women assist in the creation or patriarchy.

Teleportation, and other r-selected disasters
Less humans, not more resources.

Ending Mortgage Debt Slavery
Abolishing the banks.

The Principle of Rerouting and Entrenchment
Economics of law. Part 4 of the series.

Rectification of Names II
The true nature of democracy. Part 3 of the series.

Reciprocal Political Relationships
How democracy actually works. Part 2 of the series.

On the Rectification of Names in Politics
The beginning of a series on the true nature of democracy.

What Immigration is Really About
Slavery, wage suppression, and votes.

A Brief Summary of Exitocracy
About the book Neocameral Future, Chapter 4.

Sexual Liberation Through Rules, with Notes on Tastemaking
Rules can be a path to liberation.

On Replicator Barter
3D Printers and their role in the future.

Everything is Tribal
Because it is.

The Million Year Recession
Communism is recession.

Fixing Democracy
A proposed partial solution.

Unnecessary Female Employment
A rant about the true motives (greed) behind feminism.

Perceptual vs. Concrete Freedom
Democracy only makes you think that you are free.

The consenting llama
The deterministic nature of technology and its potential to shape morals for the worse.

Civilization, sans Traffic
Plan for a civilization without rush hour.

Crime versus investment
On the subject of time preference and its relationship to criminality.

Liberalism and Other Methods of Absolution
The psychological structure of the left.

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