Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Aphorism no. 40

The problem with the modern world is not its stiffing conformity, although that would always be a problem for some people. The problem is that the conformity is based on the internal logic of power, and what ideas power needs to propagate itself in order to survive, and not the psychological well-being of the people. Under the current system, power's needs are orthogonal to public sanity, or actively hostile to it. The propagation of stifling conformity could be a boon to mental health if engineered by the hands of a responsible party — like it was in the era of Walter Cronkite. Good propaganda can actually increase national sanity. In fact, that is a fine definition for the term: good propaganda is whatever increases national sanity. Bad propaganda is whatever lowers it. For more discussion on this issue, see Mimetic evolution under different social structures, and the ideologies they produce.

The democratic party need to give people emotional agony in order to harvest that pain for political action.

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