Friday, May 12, 2017

Aphorism no. 41

Calling someone racist isn't about fairness. It's about control. Since the left and its client minorities always desire more control over whites, as whites become less racist, accusations of racism will only increase. The same level of control must always be maintained. Hence, the standard must be raised forever  to guarantee that whites are always guilty. To conform to the standard is of today is to feed a higher standard of incrimination for you tomorrow, for tomorrow the standard of incrimination will simply be raised to make you and your children guilty. Racism is a shame word, like "infidel," and like the Islamic version its purpose is social domination by monkeys over others.

If you accommodate them they will simply raise the standard to make you guilty again. Because the point was never fairness, but control, and the same level of control must always be maintained — or increased.

Whenever you can get get away with it you should say you are racist even if you are not — just so you can escape control. Because hurting parasites is a moral imperative.

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