Saturday, May 13, 2017

Types of crazies on Earth

Premise: suffering is genetically programmed. Evolution favors the organism that strives to fulfill reproduction facilitating goals. Loneliness forces humans to make friends, thus bringing them into contact with potential mates. Horniness compels them to copulate, facilitating reproduction. Hunger compels them to eat, thus facilitating survival as a necessary prerequisite for everything else. Every human impulse facilitates reproduction either directly or indirectly. Therefore a minimum level of hysteria is genetic.

Premise: life is mostly suffering because of the above reasons. There are plenty of pleasureful moments in life but a great deal of it is filled with various forms of discontent, longing, loneliness, anxiety, etc.

Premise: a rational self-aware organism will avoid reproduction if it has a choice.

Necessary conclusion: all thinking self-aware organisms that reproduce themselves must be more or less insane. Here are some types of madness that compel reproduction;

-Utterly selfish people who have children because they want kids regardless of whether the child suffers.
-Abusers who reproduce because they desire a victim to torment.
-Pedophiles who reproduce because of sexual interest in children.
-Absent minded people who are too self-absorbed to think about the issue.
-Religious crazies who reproduce because their god commands it.
-A desire to conquer an enemy through producing babies.
-Baby rabies

There will be a few types on non-crazies that reproduce;

-People who forget to take their birth control.
-People who are too low agency to keep a clinic appointment.
-Rape victims.
-Unthinking people.
-Inability to choose otherwise because birth control has not yet been developed. (this eugenic reason is now extinct)

Why dysgenics?
Why is family life getting worse?
Why are there so many broken rootless people from broken homes?
Why do so many parents suck?
Why are so many people choosing not to have children?

Consider that a major eugenic factor no longer exists: involuntary pregnancy. Therefore, all that is left are the other reasons. Religious madness is one of the best motives on the list to have kids.

So here is what is being selected for by birth control;

-Absent mindedness.
-Religious insanity.
-Conquest babies.
-Baby rabies.
-Memory problems.
-Low agency.

And here is what is being selected against by either birth control or abortion;

-Involuntary pregnancy
-People who just want sex
-Atheists and secular people
-Career women

Now forecast these trends for one hundred generations into the future and see what you get.

However, male victims of abuse tend to be less successful with women. Pedophilia may also harm fecundity, in boys. And victimhood can lead to feminism. So in the long-run a new list might be that nature selects for;

-Absent mindedness.
-Religious insanity.
-Conquest babies.
-Baby rabies.
-Memory problems.
-Wanting children and not just sex.
-Stay at home mothers.

In a birth control world, that is.


  1. ''Pedophilia may also harm fecundity, in boys''
    Only the heterosexual variant may survive. Given that in among the more conservative Islamic world whose prophet married a 6 yo. Birthrates are sky-high which would far outweigh the feminists that result from that.


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