Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's official. Equality makes everyone crazy

Here is SORSHA THE VEGAN, (all caps mandatory), on YouTube blathering her nonsense.

I absolutely love this shit. It's so wonderfully cringeworthy. It's epic.

And unlike SORSHA, I think its terrible that people are against racism. And I do like discrimination against tasty cows. Yummy yummy discrimination. I'm also in favor of sexual discrimination against animals, and you should be too. Because you know, gross!

SORHA THE VEGAN (you yell it, not say it), is way ahead of her time. She is the future of leftism: seriously.

This is what happens when you eat too many blue pills. This hopelessly naive raving victim of brainwashing strong outspoken womyn could be such a lovely little thing is any other era of human history. Feminism done gone and destroyed the sex appeal of a perfectly fuckable/marriageable White girl and turned her into an intolerable shrieking harpy. Which was the point. Because she was sexual competition against ugly feminist women. And now she is not.

It worked.

The teleological purpose of feminism is to sterilize White women. That is it's teleological purpose, meaning, its purpose as measured by results.

Imagine if this girl had been brainwashed by White Sharia instead of feminism. Additionally she could have been sent to a "School of Marital Harmony," where she would practice strengthening the muscles of her lips by sucking on a banana, learn cleaning, and gymnastics, (for flexibility!)

Imagine the possibilities bro.

And get this. That brainwashing would have actually made her happier that this brainwashing.

And that is the point. This chick would be happier as the literal brainwashed sex slave of a beta male husband. She could be property and still be happier than feminism has made her.

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