Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just some basic thoughts on life

Humans are genetically programmed to be miserable, (more or less). What I mean by this is that they are genetically programmed to strive for things, and that the frustration of those desires produces pain, sadness, etc. They are also programmed to have contradictory impulses. For example, when they are of low status they crave equality, but when they are of equal status they crave high status. High status is of course relative to everyone else. So someone else has to be of low status for you to be high status relative to them. So your typical prig prog simultaneously craves equality (for himself) while craving the low status of others. Somehow capitalism is evil for failing to give him what he wants in this regard, and he wants to destroy the system. And somehow it is the system that is evil and not him?

Prog logic;

Set up a standard that can never be fulfilled.
Rage against the system when it fails to deliver.
Project your own evil onto the system and accuse it of being evil.
Smash the system and kill millions.
Say "it wasn't the true communism."
Memory hole the entire incident.
Do it again.

Because somehow what monkeys want is supposed to be possible.

The problem then isn't capitalism but human nature — something that capitalism is on the cusp of learning how to modify with genetic technology. This is supposed to be a nightmare. But reality and history show over and over again that it is human nature that is the nightmare and not capitalism. Insane monkeys are of course too insane to know they are insane and so the problem is always "the system" and "out there" rather than any place logic would dictate they should actually look: their own souls.

Reactionaries want to go back to a previous design on the theory that humans will be happier? Better governed? Save the white race? Meanwhile genetic technology will pull the rug out from under them before they have a chance to implement their vision. After all, your desires are based on human nature. If the MACHINE reprograms your nature then you will have new desires, no? So what happens to your reactionary state, which you have oh so carefully based on human nature in its current form, when human nature is no longer in its current form? Everything is downstream from that, even power. Right?

The things everyone care about the most are the things that matter the least. Monkeys screech about ideology when ideology is just the effect — literally the marketing program, of power. Design is boring! Technical details are boring! Right. Well they determine your world. A feedback loop of money and power creates an ideology. Sever the feedback loop and the ideology dies. For example;

1. Abolish affirmative action laws, welfare, handouts, frivolous lawsuit-enabling laws, and all other payments to women and minorities. Defund the universities.
2. Watch the ideology of equality and professional victimhood die.

No more bullshit. But what does this community do? Write endless screeds about reactionary ideology. It's simple dumb ass: go for the jugular. Nobody works for free. Blaming Whites is profitable. So make it not.

In typical monkey fashion the whole human race is concentrated on all the things that don't matter: ideas, propaganda, ideology, equality, muh "fairness," etc.

The things that DO matter;

feedback loops
who is getting paid and why

Deliver the death strike and be done with it. Cut all funding to the left.

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