Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Losing the argument the hard way

I have a better idea. Instead of arguing with liberals about equality we will simply advance genetic science to the point to where there are men walking the Earth who are faster than liberals, stronger than liberals, more intelligent than liberals, better at math, etc., etc. These Aryan √úbermensch will bang all the hot chicks, get all the pussy, and make all the money. Everyone who believes in human equality will become a slave to THE MAN, and will survive at the THE MAN's permission. Do you exist? Then HE permitted it.

Liberals can then mow the lawns and suck the dicks of reactionary Supermen. Because the price for delusion is slavery. Go ahead and believe in equality. You and your children will be slaves in the new order.

Liberals will try to ban genetic engineering. No matter. Some country out of the Cathedrals control will simply do it. Like China, Russia, or South Korea. Then the left will split into two factions: one that sincerely believes in equality, (the rubes), and one that only mouths the right words, (the hypocrites). The hypocrites will fly to China to genetically enhance their children. Their kids will get into Harvard and the rubes won't.

Banning it will only raise the price of gene therapy. The egalitarian who stands in the way of technology will then be priced out of the market. His children will get poorer as the reactionary's children get richer. Being genetically enhanced will create a positive feedback loop of wealth and enhancement. Each generation will be richer than the previous one. The rube who is late to the party will be permanently behind the curve. He will never be able to afford the next round of treatments needed to keep up. Earnest liberals will become the slaves of liberal hypocrites and reactionaries. Gnon's will be done. Inshallah.

So go ahead and believe whatever you want.


This is an example of a prisoner's dilemma. As a subject, neoreaction centers around a number of prisoner's dilemmas. They are;

1. Male dominance. (because male dominated societies out-reproduce equal ones)
2. Religious dominance. (because strong religions like Islam out-reproduce less religious societies)
3. Separation of Church and State, (because the very existence of a separation creates a powerful incentive to invent a secular leftist version of a state religion)
Capitalism and war. (because those societies with capitalism generate a larger taxable surplus than those without, and are thus able to buy superior military technology in order to win wars).
Democracy/divided power, (because the very existence of divided power creates a culture war to unify it)

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