Thursday, May 11, 2017

New NRx blogger Imperial Energy

This is interesting. It just goes on and on. The blog is titled Imperial Energy, and he is writing a manifesto on absolutist neoreaction. Take a look at his outline below. Do I detect some influence from reactionary future?

Also, RF is now at The Journal of Neoabsolutism.

Act 1: The Commander and the Crisis of the Cathedral.


Part 1: Caesar Himself.

Part 2: A Dionysian Conspiracy.

The Inciting Incident

Part 3: The Age of Crisis.

Act 2: Never Such Innocence Again.


Part 4: American Fascism.

The Confrontation

Part 5: The American Minotaur of War.

The Companions

Part 6: Neoreactionary Conflict, Consensus, Confusion?

Act 3: A STEEL-cameralist Manifesto.

Statecraft of STEEL

Part 7: STEEL-cameralist Statecraft.

War Makes the State and the State Makes War

Part 8: Cameralism, Neo-cameralism and STEEL-cameralism Compared and Contrasted.

A State of STEEL

Part 9: STEEL-cameralist Grand Strategy, Geo-Economics and Legal Philosophy.

The Steelmanned State

Part 10: The Structure of the STEEL-cameralist State and Philosophy of Command.

Applied STEEL-cameralism

Part 11: A Study in STEEL: 9/11.

Part 12: A Study in STEEL: Urban Renewal.


Towards the Dark Enlightenment.

Part 13: Ten Steps to Unqualified Enlightenment.


  1. This is a good push, so far his series has been refreshingly pragmatic. I always like a good reading of Nietzsche.


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