Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Red Pill (2016) is egalitarian bullshit

Equality started out as "non-hierarchy." When Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence he used the line "all men are created equal." All this referred to was the refusal to accept royal titles. Feudal society had careers that you can buy. Literally, you could go to the kings court and purchase the title of Tax Collector for a given region. This was called a "title of nobility." Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 of the US Constitution forbids the government to grant titles of nobility — to sell the jobs of the state as property rights. You know when you payoff the mortgage on your house? The government gives you title to your home. In fact, fee simple title, the kind of title you get when you buy a parcel of land, was a feudal invention. And just like land, royalty was a form of property — in jobs.

This was the equality that was fought for in the American Revolution: the abolishment of property in government jobs. "Created equal" does not mean that you are literally equal in capability, worth, value, morals, strength, or any other measure. It means "no royal titles."

In the modern world people have taken "no royal titles" to mean that they literally have equal worth. The Red Pill documentary is by a feminist about the men's rights movement. MRAs do not challenge the great lie of our age: the lie of human equal worth. Thus, the feminist film maker of this move does not really face any direct challenge to her beliefs. Men's rights is just an extension of feminism to the male sex. Humans are still presumed to be equal, and much moaning and wailing about "disposable males" ensues. How pathetic.

You are not equal and never will be. Part of being a mature adult is getting over this fact.

Standards cannot be maintained in a democracy because the equality of power means that no one can compel anyone to face harsh truths. Thus, over time "no royal titles" decays into the mass delusion that all humans are both equally capable and equally valuable. Then when disparate life outcomes inevitably manifest as a result of the laws of reality, people insist that this is due to oppression, and not their own obvious inferiority. After all, half the population is below average. That's how average works, and apparently they are all leftists. Inferior people are usually liberal, and vice versa.

The same inferiority that makes them less successful also makes them less capable of understanding their inferiority. It's called the Dunning–Kruger effect: the incompetent are too incompetent to know they are incompetent. And they all vote.

Life is about purpose. If purpose is not supplied from the outside, say from a King or leader, then society collapses into a morass of whatever delusions people concoct for themselves in order to justify their shortcomings. Prosperity induces the mental equivalent of obesity in human minds. Homo sapiens evolved to face challenges from outside. Without exercise the body becomes fat, without challenges the mind delusional. Sanity is provided by the eternal world and contact with it. Even just getting out from behind your computer and dipping your toes in a stream will clear your mind. People need to be barefoot once in awhile to come back to reality: touch the earth and so on.

City dwellers never walk barefoot, rarely go camping, and never face death from wild animals. They become mentally obese, believing in whatever delusions they want.

Kings do not automatically provide "sanity." But they do provide direction. The flow of unified power pulls all ideologies along with it and harmonizes society. What they really need is some danger to test their limits and aquatint them with reality again. A frontier would do wonders. Mars? The threat of death wonderfully sharpens the mind.

But in the end they might as well all be equal: equally worthless! How can a man know his worth unless he tests it against reality? How can you really know someone's integrity, strength, or courage unless you see them face danger? Everyone talks a lot of shit but few know their limits.

When you are ready to die for your integrity it comes into focus. You realize you are capable of anything, and that your sheer will determines your actions. You realize that death is no object, that power over yourself is all that matters, and you learn to hate whatever stands in your way. In that moment you are free.

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