Sunday, June 18, 2017

Analysis of a single retarded tweet

This is retarded because the left does not even think it needs saving.

The basic way humans construct social logic is by trying to anticipate how others will react to things and then emulating the traits, behaviors, and attitudes of other people. They think in terms of their own viewpoint almost entirely and it is hard to emulate the minds of others. But they do anticipate reactions from others and they can see things from their perspective if they try. They just don't do it habitually.

This guy is probably thinking something like, "It is obvious that the left is fucked up. Anyone with common sense can see that. Society needs to be saved from the left."


"If I say that it doesn't occur to them that not even the right can save them they will feel insulted. Oh boy that will come across as condescending."

But one wonders if he actually realizes that no leftist thinks they need saving from the right. It is an odd way to be insulting. Perhaps there is no realization that other minds exist and they think differently. Or maybe it is just an insult. I suck at social stuff.

A huge problem with the world is that it is filled with people who are way too busy figuring out how to be socially acceptable and popular—LARPing, to figure out what it actually true. Indeed, they don't actually care all that much about the truth. Or more accurately, they don't realize how far off their perceptions might be, or how much socially acceptable opinions can mislead them.

When we come across other minds we are liable to attribute "nonsense motives" to them to try to make sense of their logic. But this does not really emulate other minds. No one thinks they need saving from their enemy: that is nonsense.

It can be really, really hard to put yourself into someone else's head sufficiently to fully understand their viewpoint. This is accompanied by a reduction in intuitively grasping what is socially acceptable. Social acceptability is about anticipating how people react, especially in groups. But people behave different in groups than in one-on-one conversations. In a group they all revolve around a hidden standard of social acceptability Žižek likes to call the "Big Other." Quick flawed definition of Big Other;
Big Other: "the invisible social standards that we all understand but never acknowledge out loud."
It really means "radical alterity." But we will stick with my bastardized definition. 
Because of the stress of cognitive dissonance, people reject any opinion they cannot say out loud if it is prohibited by the Big Other. Thus, since we must all shut up when we disagree, politics is a battle to make people agree. The invisible social standard is a struggle because of the silence it creates in those who disagree. Since humans hate to be wrong, since doubt about ones beliefs is psychologically painful, and since humans evolved in small tribal units, and think habitually in retarded terms about "we" and "us" even though no agreement is possible in a society of 400 million people, we must always struggle politically, and no one is ever allowed to leave! Secession is immoral because the mere existence of other viewpoints that disagree introduces doubt, and because "muh slavery." (Which is irrelevant) Humans have no real ability to understand a mind which is radically different than their own: they are constantly reframing the Others viewpoint in their own subjective terms. Thus, the only way to secede from another who won't let you go is to make them want to separate from you by making it absolutely excruciating to know you. You must get them to secede from you. This is because no one understands a viewpoint radically different than their own, especially if they have power, and especially if not understanding you helps them maintain that power. Motivated cognition is a bitch that way. Even Pharaoh needed a plague of frogs.

The whole point here is to show this pattern of people simply not getting how other people think, and substituting their own nonsense motives where the Other is concerned. There are no "evil" cackling supervillains: all evil men and women think they are good. Only cannibals and serial killers know they are evil. For truly magnificent atrocities to be committed a person must actually be morally motivated, and totally convinced of their own rightness.

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