Monday, June 12, 2017

Divine right of the beta huWhite

White people are accused of oppressing everyone. This is ironic because it takes as its presumption the belief that white men are superior oppressors. But how can you be equal if the white male is superior at something?

Everything worth reading is in the past. Even those glorious fuckups of philosophy; men like Adorno, Marx, and Marcuse are still towering geniuses in comparison to today. Can you think of anything worth reading since 1980 that has come from the universities? The best the universities can give us today is drivel about the subaltern, queer theory, and semiotics. Literally nothing interesting has been created post-Derrida. Even Lacan died in the 80's.

What the fuck happened?

The end of white male dominance. psychometrics, econometrics, organizational theory, behaviorism, psychoanalysis, the Chicago school, the golden age of film, the Moon landing, etc. The first internet, ARPANET, was built in 1973. Title IX happened in 1972, and the university went from being a bastion of white male supremacy to a women and minority jobs program.

People think it is normal for the humanities to be less scientific than the hard sciences. But prior to affirmative action fields like psychology and management were catching up to the hard sciences.

Now we have a replication crisis, campus censorship, political correctness, and persecution of White men.

Civilization is a White male project in the West, and an Asian male project in the East. As minorities and women advance in power, civilization dies. It does not matter if we have oppressed you. You are not worthy.

The Cathedral worked just fine when White men were in charge.

The problem with monarchy is that civilization optimizes for technological development and scientific advancement when White beta males are running absolutely everything—and no one else. It does not optimize when a king is in charge, nor a f├╝hrer, nor and aristocracy; but when White males, as a class, collectively achieve political power. All of history tells us this, from the Greek and Roman republic to the Renaissance, from the Enlightenment to the Space Race, those societies that optimized for White male power advanced most rapidly.

An identical thing happened with Asian males during the Spring and Autumn period. Divided governance led to the empowerment of common Chinese men. Eventually there rose a "hundred schools of thought" that was destroyed by monarchy during the burning of books and burying of scholars.

In high cultures the empowerment of beta males as a class produces great leaps of intellectual and technological advance. What society needs is not a divine right of kings but a divine right of beta males. Seriously. I am not joking. It is time that the the beta male take his place as a sovereign class. All of history proves that as a class, he, and only he, is most fit to rule. Let there be a divine right of the beta White. Inshallah. He shall rule by history's judgment and command.


  1. The flaw in your post is that a significant amount of the issues you speak of were either enabled or contributed to by Whitey men. Even when discounting the Jewish Question, Whiteys certainly didn't do all they could to keep feminism in check.

    As for beta males, I would hardly call both the Western leaders we have today and media characters any less beta than the peak.

    1. Divided power. That's only because it's the racial equivalent of the high in alliance with the low against the middle. Whites would act responsibly if they were unified and in charge. They did before.


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