Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kathy Griffin

Tell me if I'm wrong. Because my social intuition sucks.

Griffin bangs Trump, or at least carries on a friend zone relationship with him while he's married to Melania. Maybe she is the one in the friend zone and not him. She wants some of that billionaire money / power and he is not throwing pearls before swine. Later, our broheim gets himself elected president. Now dear old Griffin is the old bitch who let big money get away. Because of her ego she has never accepted that she is an ugly ho who hit the wall before hitting puberty. Being a proud feminist bitch she thinks she should have a chance with El Trumpo. But Trump never stops winning, and if he ever dumps Melania it will be for a newer model. Besides, the man is up to his neck in desperate gold digging pussy already.

So reality has driven Griffin totally insane. The mental stress of believing the world is one way: a nice, feminist world where women can have power too, while it is really another way: a brutal, unfair, place where women aren't funny and an ugly ho should marry before hitting 20, has driven this bitch around the bend. She has to physically saw off Trumpo's head because he symbolizes all the reality she hates. Nobody told this bitch not to do it because everyone who knows her either hates her ass or is a total sycophant trying to improve their career. And now her delusions have caught up with her.

Have I missed anything? Am I wrong?


  1. Kathy Griffin would spout quotes from Julius Streicher if it would get her some billionaire schlong.

  2. I don't think it is sexual. She was friends both with Andy Dick and Steve Wozniak, about as different people as imaginable. This head bag is just a creative postmodern stunt that blew up.


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