Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let science be divided

Historically, the term philistinism has been associated with the political right. To be philistine is to have a blatant contempt for art, spirituality, aesthetics, and intellect. A philistine is a narrow-minded, greedy, and arrogant person with petty grunges and a bullying temper.

Fields Medal winners are White, Asian, or Indian. Philosophy is mostly a White male endeavor. Almost all science was invented by White men. Hell, the only reason you are reading this is because you, your parents, and their parents survived to adulthood due to the vaccines invented by White males, either because of inoculation, herd immunity, or both. Of the soon-to-be 9 billion humans of Earth, 8.5 of them only exist because of the White male, and most of them are minorities. On the whole, anything worth knowing is probably a White, Asian, or East Indian thing. White men predominate in all of it, and the modern left hates all knowledge created by all White men.

The left knows nothing of public choice theory, Austrian economics, or the economic calculation problem. They refuse to understand accelerationism, neoreaction, behavioral genetics, or logic. They struggle to understand supply and demand, "dead White guys," or capitalism.

The left has become philistine.

Therefore let science be divided. Let there be "White-science" and "mainstream science." The great thing is that winning the argument doesn't matter: the one with superior science and technology will win. And that will be "White-science."

Fuck you. I'm leaving.

Let the universities become seminaries and the tech industry become the universities.

Let the corporation take the place of the classroom as the center of technological development.

And the left will perish...

Good riddance.

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