Saturday, June 3, 2017

Market Formalism TL;DR Version

Market formalism is basically licensed anarcho capitalism.

That is, there is still a government but everything that the state does is administered through a series of markets. The state taxes people and then hands them a pile of vouchers that let them buy all the government services they need.

—Police services? That's a market paid for with vouchers.
—Want to have children? Buy a license from the market. Stupid, crazy, and violent people will pay exorbitant prices for reproduction licenses while healthy productive people are paid by the market to have children. The cost is determined by billing races, religions, and individuals for their cost to society, and then crediting their accounts based on the tax value they generate. Whatever the balance is, whether negative or positive, determines whether you pay the market or the market pays you. Some people are assets and some are liabilities. The consequence of this market is that all the liabilities eventually go extinct.
—Want to set aside land, or a business entity for your race or family? There is a market for easements that places property in sub-markets for specific racial groups/identities and/or family last names.
—Zoning? That's a market. Just buy up use restrictions and place them in a trust.
—What about healthcare for veterans, retired people, and the disabled? That's a group of companies that must compete for funding — a competitive bureaucracy.
—Need maternity benefits? There is a market for reproductive benefits for women who are compensated by their husband's Last Name Governments. (A kind of government defined in information space rather than territory).
—What about social problems? Tax liabilities, (criminals, the insane, etc.) are separated into classes and bundled as tax offset certificates. If you can solve the problem associated with the bundle even partially, (say by developing a gene therapy that reduces criminality) then you receive whatever cost savings the state saves as a result. This market hasn't yet been fully described.
—What about pollution? There is a Metabolic Pollution Mitigation Market that creates higher and higher rewards for engineering bacteria that eats pollution.

Why encode everything as a market? Because fuck human monkeys, that's why.


  1. I don't understand how you would solve crime like robbing, corruption, terrorism with this and also how would you enforce traditional values, prevent communist take over, and remove degeneracy?

    1. That requires a longer explanation. See


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