Saturday, June 17, 2017

The boss, the witness, and the cuck

Let us reduce all human power relationships to the following;

3 categories of agents; the witness, the boss, and the cuck.

The boss asserts power over the cuck. The witness validates the boss by being a neutral third party in all acts of bullying. The true target of the boss is not the cuck but the witness, who must "witness" the act of asserting power for it to be legitimate. Bu merely seeing the ritual of power acted out the witness validates the boss.

Principle: to exercise power and get away with it is to automatically be conferred high status. Getting away with it is context specific based on the culture you live in. What is acceptable in one culture may be unacceptable in another. Here are some examples of power;

Shamming The Donald and getting an apology.
Flirting with another man's wife in front of him and getting away with it.
A woman parading her body around half naked and no man is allowed to say anything, (in Western society).
A man degrading a woman for being slutty and getting away with it, (in Islamic society).
Shouting down a conservative and getting away with it.
Receiving an apology from a conservative who offended you.
Lying and forcing others to agree because the lie is politically correct.
Telling an offensive truth and everyone just silently accepts it.

All of these behaviors are high status because the boss is stomping on the cuck for a witness and getting away with it. The mere exercise of unchallenged power is itself high status. Thus, if conservatives abused the left long enough they would all become a bunch of groveling cucks.

If social standards disagree with your assertion of power the the only way to get it is gas-lighting your enemy: you don't just stomp on them, you do it with self-righteousness. It is the combination of moral conviction an asserting power over someone that makes them doubt your reality.

Moreover, if enough right-wingers exercised enough abusive power against the left for a long enough period of time, the right would conquer the Cathedral. One man asserting self-righteousness while stomping on another is gas-lighting, but one-hundred doing it is a new social standard. Gas lighting, taken far enough by enough people working together, creates societies moral standards. Thus, any conservative who breaks ranks and apologizes is not just a cuck, but a traitor who is preventing the success of the new moral standard by validating the old one. This is because fairness is a low standard behavior, along with others;

WHEN VICTIMHOOD IS A LIE it is high status since forcing anyone to accept a lie is high status because the exercise of power itself high status. You are making people accept something they don't like and getting away with it.

Conservatives are low status because bitching about victimhood is low status WHEN IT IS TRUE.

Power + self-righteousness = status.
Power in groups + self-righteousness in groups + consistent exercise of power with no hint of doubt in groups ---> produces the social standards of society.

That's right. Social standards are a form of group gas-lighting.

There is a thin line between gas-lighting (individual behavior) and group gas-lighting (social standards). To transition from one state to the higher state you must show no doubt, be utterly convinced of your ideology, have a comprehensive ideology to begin with, tolerate no dissent, and impose your will on others ruthlessly. Fairness is for cucks.

High status: lecturing people in a condescending tone.
Low status: apologizing for your lecture.

High status: shouting down a conservative or liberal speaker and getting away with it.
Low status: getting shouted down.

High status: interrupting a conservative speaker.
Also high status: killing the person who interrupts and getting a Presidential pardon.

Also high status: bombing something and getting a teaching job anyway.
Also high status: hiring the terrorist and rubbing that fact in conservatives faces.
Low status: complaining about Bill Ayers getting a teaching job.
Low status: demanding the terrorist be fired and not getting what you want.

High status: demanding that someone get fired and getting them fired.
High status: getting leftists arrested.
Also high status: causing the arrested liberal to die by "accident" on the way to the station.
Also high status: refusing to fire the cop who killed him.
Also high status: killing the lawyer and the family of the victim when they sue.
Also high status: reinstating the officer in his position.
Also high status: gunning down the protesters.
Also high status: killing news anchors that refuse to give you favorable coverage of all of this.
Also high status: handing out pardons like they are medals.
Also high status: bragging about it like Duterte.
Also high status: giving conservatives 200 million assault riffles and recruiting them into militias to patrol the street and intimidate leftists.
Also high status: teaching Mencius Moldbug to the militias.

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