Friday, June 23, 2017

Tolerance is a function of economic growth and peace

Way back in February 2008 the CATO institute wrote this.
"Ask two different economists and you’ll get three different answers about whether or not the U.S. economy is about to enter a recession. However things pan out, now’s a great time to contemplate what scholars have learned about the consequences of recession: Sustained economic slowdown is more than a pain in the pocketbook. If recession drags on too long, it can poison a nation’s moral climate.
"In his 2005 book The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth, Harvard economist Benjamin M. Friedman shows that time and again, economic expansion has fostered greater opportunity, tolerance, social mobility and a concern for fairness. Meanwhile, economic contraction has gone hand-in-hand historically with xenophobia, self-defeating trade protectionism and the political persecution of minorities."
The great Recession began in about July 2007, about a month before I began investing for my retirement. By the same time next year my portfolio had lost half its value. Everyone knew back then that Obama was going to become President, and American elections start 2 years in advance.

In a society of economic growth, the economy is a positive-sum game: we can both get ahead through cooperation. In an economy with stagnation it is a zero-sum game: I benefit from your loss. In a society with economic/population shrinkage I am actively harmed by not harming you.

Japan isn't growing population wise, and so its property values go down. In Japan a house depreciates like a car. The CATO article finishes by saying;
"Thankfully, there is no reason to expect the coming recession, if one is coming at all, to last long enough to test the limits of liberal tolerance. This is just the mild bottom of the business cycle’s pendulum swing. But the prospect of recession should remind us of the dangers of decline. And it should remind us to be grateful for the less tangible gifts of growth."
Ah ha. You don't say?

Here we are 10 years after the first black president and the economy still has not recovered to pre-recession levels. Whether because of his racism and incompetence, or our racism towards him, or both, we are stuck in stagnation. On April 23rd, 77 days after Will Wilkinson wrote that article, Moldbug wrote his first post: A Formalist Manifesto. The Dow reached its pre-recession high on October 9th 2007, its lowest point on March 9th 2009, and only recovered on March 2nd 2013, some 6 years after the beginning. Since we are still not back to pre-recession levels, everything Moldbug wrote was during this recession, and Moldy is a monarchist.

In times of growth democracy prevails.
In times of stagnation monarchy prevails.
In times of existential shrinkage Hitler prevails.

Liberals hate growth because of environmentalism. They undermine Elon Musk's desire to go to Mars with diversity requirements. Conservatives love growth. How ironic.

Threaten a race or culture with extinction and watch its values become radically right-authoritarian. It's like there is a race going on here. The left is in a race to import millions of ethnics while the right is racing rightward. The presumption of the left is that whites are dangerous and must be replaced. This assumes that the client populations of the left won't become right-wing themselves, ultimately undermining the project of leftism. It assumes that the imported populations will not switch sides, or betray the left when they no longer need it. It assumes that no two ethnic groups will cooperate against the left. It assumes that America can not only be made a "majority minority" country, but that whites can be made an absolute numerical minority. It assumes that this can be accomplished before whites become reactionary, even though, the group that is threatened first becomes reactionary first. Islam is only a threat to the West because it was threatened by the West. Look at the image below. This is what happens when a society is attacked.

Now look at this next image. Germany was also attacked by an outside force and its existence threatened.

Tolerance is a function of peace and prosperity. Is it not?

In this article I talked about how all races of humanity will eventually shrink because of birth control and urbanization. The left thinks this is about maintaining tolerance. But if the world stops growing then tolerance goes away, and the world economy cannot grow forever. The races/ethnic groups that are threatened first will radicalize first, and the left is hell bent on threatening white people, while the neocon right is hell bent on threatening Muslims. Do the math.

There is no such thing as a world where trying to destroy a race/group of people makes the world more tolerant. If you think trying to eliminate whites or destroy Muslims is going to bring about a tolerant golden age you are a drooling-on-the-floor blithering imbecile. Tolerance is a function of the absence of threat, and the presence of growth. You cannot bomb your way to a more tolerant world. You cannot conquer your way to world peace.

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