Thursday, June 1, 2017

Why market formalism?

Because capitalism will pozz you.

Monarchists, reactionaries, nationalists, National Bolshevists, etc. all have the problem that capitalism is both the most effective way to generate wealth and also a source of globalist values. Like democracy, capitalism encodes a form of equality into its structure. It tends to want to standardize everything — to convert the world into interchangeable meaningless units of profit. This naturally includes people. And so capitalism tends to erode communities, values, borders, hierarchies, the family, etc., while converting religions into mega churches, music into pop star prostitution, and movies into vapid action flicks.

Let us imagine that the NAZIs had won WWII and the Greater Germanic Reich ruled all of Europe, excluding Russia. Wonderful. There would be no refugee problem. The European state would basically be the European version of China: a stable, unified, cuck-free nation. Contrary to American paranoia, Hitler would have never invaded the US. Hitler would have died and more stable leaders would have succeeded him. Just like Chinese leaders speak of the "excesses of the Mao era" the NAZI European leadership would talk about "Hitlers radicalism" and say "we're far more reasonable men."


"Our modern sophisticated eugenic methods are nonviolent."

You get the idea. The modern European state would be ruled by bureaucrats who are NAZI in name only, who apologize for "past excesses" and who espouse National Socialist beliefs while practicing some version of European hyper-capitalism. Basically, except where immigration is concerned, they would most likely be totally pozzed by global capitalism.

You can't fight capitalism and win. But you can modify its nature and embodied moral values by inventing new markets. That is where market formalism comes in to play. If identity is a property right, and if eugenic reproduction is a property right, then the market enforces the new values of a reactionary form of capitalism, and then the state is pozzed by those values instead of neoliberal ones. Capitalism then reinforces your values for you. Even if you don't implement a fully anarcho capitalistic version of market formalism, complete with private police, some lesser version is a crucial component of a reactionary state.

The second iteration begins here. Market formalism starts with "licensed" anarcho capitalism. There is still a government, but it regulates a market for rights protection. There are also a host of other markets. The idea came to me when I realized that an entire society could be governed through a series of market systems, and that markets could be designed to preform pretty much any function. They could be given a telos, or purpose, and made to perform various actions of the state.

The first iteration is here.


  1. The problem here is that modern markets require preexisting values; foremost among them being respect for property rights and a level of social trust that makes exchange more desirable than it is risky. Once the poz destroys western people, and thus western states, western style markets are over. Russia, China, and India will no longer have a safe venue to park money fleeing their capricious low-trust societies. High-IQ would-be producers, who would have fled West, will once again be drowned out by billions of their low-IQ comrades.

    Predation on western people and norms by capital elites, seemingly out of touch with this reality, is a sign of either blissful ignorance or nihilistic malice. I believe both sorts of capital elite exist. Soros appears to define the latter while most of the comparatively apolitical elite are the former. Sadly and frustratingly, the only way out under this arrangement is either collapse from critical norm decay or a truly dissident cohort forming in the capital elite precipitating a truly massive power struggle.

    Not to defend the traditionalists, since I hardly agree with anything they have to say either, but investing in identity at-present seems to be limited to how many children you can produce and how many grandchildren you can get them to produce in turn. Market values will only survive so long as there are sufficiently large number of people who are biologically capable of maintaining them by enforcing their natural predispositions of private ownership, relatively reciprocal trade, and the desire to see or met out punishment for defection from those norms.

    1. Ah mein F├╝hrer. But vou are forgetting that my dezign has a reproduction market that suppresses the birth rates of barbarians. You didn't read part 2? Did you? Read it. Component 7


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