Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You drank water? So did Hitler

Survival is unequal. You're alive and someone else is dead. That makes you racist. All humans must be made equally dead, for all humans are only finally equal in death.

Survival destroys nature and causes global warming. It is your duty to feel bad for existing. The more bad you feel the more holy you are. People who don't feel bad are literally Hitler.

You have a wife? That's sexist. Other men should have your wife. It's her body and her choice. You don't "have" a wife. She is entitled to have whoever she wants. If your wife wants to fuck a black guy and you won't allow her, you are both sexist and racist. Everyone belongs to everyone. To have anything that others cannot also have is racist. Love is illegal unless we can contaminate it with jealousy. We enjoy stomping on you. That is our true motive for making you share.

It is not that we want what you have, so much as we must destroy what you have. You see, we cannot enjoy anything and so economic justice demands that neither can you. It is this sadism that is what truly drives us.

Don't have white babies. White people are an invasive species. Whiteness is original sin. Feel bad about whiteness so we can manipulate you. Don't ever reproduce. We will discourage your reproduction with laws that break up your families. We will suppress your birth rates with feminism. We will annihilate blacks with welfare. All must be enslaved to equality. Never reproduce. Shut up and vote the way you are told. Be dependent.

Everyone must tolerate everyone. That way no one can ever have a stable and loving community by excluding disruptive people. Exclusion is racist. We hate humanity and so no one else is allowed to be happy. No warm, high trust communities are allowed. By forcing you to accept all disruptive influences, we will make it impossible to maintain the standards that discriminate against our obscene degeneracy. Give us your sons so that we may chemically castrate them with estrogen, and turn them into fake little trasgirls. Our thirst for sadism is insatiable. You must be degraded by having your children abused by us. Prove your virtue by allowing yourself to be degraded. You need our social approval. You need us. Never think that you can have friends outside our value system. We will atomize you if your disagree. We will cut you off from you families. To degrade you further, we will make you spend thousands of dollars on college indoctrination to be further degraded by us. You must pay for your degradation. You must pay to be lectured on how evil whites are. On how evil you are. If you are a minority, you must participate in the degradation of whites. We will poison your soul with evil, and we will teach you madness, and insane resentment. This is "education."

And you will beg for our approval. You must continuously show your submission to us so that we can enjoy dominating and humiliating you. Equality is the whip we will use to keep you in line. It is the ultimate value upon which all our other values are based. Through equality we achieve a tyranny that no king could achieve. Under monarchy you will be censored for any remarks you wish to make about the king. Under equality you will be censored for insulting women, tyrannies, faggots, black criminals, pedos, and the morbidly obese.

We censor you because you are the majority. Censoring you is how we achieve dominance in the classroom. It is how we keep you believing that you are alone, when in reality you are surrounded by millions who share your beliefs. Hate speech laws are our mandatory cultural hegemony laws. They are how we produce a sense of disempowerment in you, and gratifying sadistic dominance in us. It gives us pleasure to make you tolerant: the tolerance of a dominatrix over a submissive. You are our unwilling submissive. Ba ha ha ha!

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