Sunday, July 9, 2017

Aphorism no. 41: relativism creates moral inversion

To have any moral standard of authority is usually better than to have none, since the standard creates certainty in the population and allows for its political coordination. It turns out that when you stop shamming a thing you eventually wind up praising it. The path that gets you from the shame to the praise of degeneracy is moral relativism. Case in point: in the 90's people excused Bill Clinton's affair using the language of consent. Today they would probably praise the adultery as empowering to the slut. The problem with moral relativism is that it makes every person dependent on every other for their social esteem. In practice this means that the culture, because of human envy, becomes a game of self-degradation in exchange for popularity; all fame earned today is from degrading oneself, whether by changing one's gender, mud sharking, thot parades, or professional victimhood, the culture despises the proud success story, even if he is ridiculous. Case in point: Donald Trump.

There is no such thing as independence from the judgments of others. You are either degrading yourself for the popularity of the mob, or working for the esteem of your community. The difference between mob praise versus community esteem, is the difference between standards derived from moral relativism versus those derived from moral authority. To discard authority is not empowering; it is degrading, since you must now pander to your inferiors rather than your betters. They hate your talent, and wish to see you fail. Thus, your popularity can only be established before a mob through epic degeneracy. In contrast, authority makes a virtue out of virtue, and since it requires your talent to survive it values your true worth.

Moral relativism is not the absence of a moral standard, but the presence of an inverted standard.

These epic acts of self-degradation create an inverted social order because they create new role models. Thus, moral relativism leads to mob "morality." Mob morality is envious, and leads to inverted popularity, and inverted popularity leads to total abasement.

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