Sunday, July 16, 2017

Are there only four political impulses? The true political compass

The desire to murder

Xenophobia is self-explanatory.

Envy is called equality.

Self-righteousness has many of forms, going under the headings of  "reason," "ethics," "social justice," "royalty," and a thousand other things. Virtue and vice signaling are self-righteous. Self-righteousness conceals itself as other things.

The desire to murder is self-explanatory.

Can you think of anything that human beings do politically that doesn't fall into one of these categories?

All four are about positions within status systems. Racism hates the outside. It hates what is "below." Envy hates what is "above." Self-righteousness attempts to elevate one's own status. The desire to murder is a last resort when people think they cannot get what they want through other methods.

Is this the true political compass?

Or maybe it's more like this.

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