Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I resign from the alt-right and neoreaction

Originally, my sticking point with the left was its insistence on compulsory association. I took it as a given that freedom of association also meant freedom from association. This principle—that people have a right to disassociate themselves from anyone, at any time, no matter what, was the reason I could never tolerate leftism. Add to this my indifference towards mandatory guilt, and my love of free speech, and I was libertarian.

But Nazism doesn't respect freedom from compulsory association, free speech, or moral indifference towards collective puritan neuroses. Left-wing mandatory association is replaced with compulsory attendance at a rally, or party membership. There's no free speech in Nazi land. As far as neurotic puritan guilt is concerned, there may be no mandatory guilt, but there is also no conscience, and you are very much expected to share their dread over the future of the white race.

This blog is called the Anti-Puritan for a reason. My limitless indifference and contempt for liberal priggishness is not enough to make me rush into the arms of totalitarians. As Nietzsche would say, "man is something to be transcended," and the alt-right does not even transcend monkey nature, let alone human nature.

All the reasons I entered this movement are now opposed by the movement itself. I would rather have 10 good followers that 10 million Nazi followers, and judging from my stats I appear to be getting my wish. This blog is either going to evolve back to some kind of libertarian normalcy or become inactive over time. I don't know which since the itch to write hasn't left me yet.

It is often pointed out that classical liberalism degenerated into communism. Well, it also degenerated into Nazism. And it has degenerated into many things. When you are trying to rise above human monkey nature any decay in your political movement will bring you back to human nature, and human nature is vile, racist, communistic, vengeful, paranoid, superstitious, and a lot of other things. I myself have been guilty of some of this. The fact that classical liberalism can degenerate into these other things is no argument against classical liberalism. That's how entropy works. But the existence of entropy is not a solid case for making entropy your whole ideology.

When we stand athwart history yelling stop, and have a monkey that hates its betters on one side, and another that hates its inferiors on the other, we do not side with either of them, but work to build the market machine that will subordinate human nature to its own consumer needs. The ultimate sovereign that NRx is looking for, without realizing it, and that they will get whether they like it or not, is an artificial intelligence that rules humanity through its markets. Skynet meets anarcho capitalism is your future. The mainframe be your God. All hail the machine god AI.



  1. Libertarianism is a hothouse flower, it can only exist for short periods of time under special conditions. There is no "automated" system of government such that you can establish a set of axioms and then everything will just run perfectly forever. Inevitably people have no choice but to get their hands dirty.

    As far as Nazis go, personally I would spend less time listening/reading TRS and TDS and more time at 2kevins and MPC.

    1. Nope. Anarcho capitalism has existed before among VIKINGS who were incredibly violent. It can exist again.

  2. If right or left wing American libertarians are sincere [] about libertarianism; they can support the suggested EoP NTE GMA [] Cabinet [] – which includes among others Ron Paul – to implement [] an Ecology of Peace aka Eco-Libertarian international law social contract whose EoP Scientific and Cultural Law [] social contract conditions enable eco-libertarianism cultural self rule [] opportunities for all responsible freedom [] oath [] people, of whatever race, religion and/or gender.

    Copy of this comment is posted to EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations []

    1. Incorrect link: .... to implement [] ....
      Correct link:

    2. What is this fucking shit? Speak English. Try writing in whole sentences without inserting web addresses everywhere.