Saturday, July 15, 2017

Reaction is degenerate

Admit it. You just want to kill people and take their stuff.

There are lots of alternatives to the liberal world order that would work just fine. Private law societies have existed before. This proves with history that at least one form on anarcho capitalism can work. Yet no matter how often it is repeated Nazis reactionaries refuse to accept this basic fact. Then they turn around and say monarchy can work because its been done before!

One of my commentators, Issac, said;
"You're both of the opinion that genetics can be largely transcended by technology or market incentives. And in so far as this is demonstrably false, no market societies function without European (I include Ashkenazim under this umbrella) or East Asian DNA at their foundation, you're both mistaken.
"Whether your stated priors are identical is of little importance other than academic pedantry."
So Blacks, Latinos, Arabs, East Indians, Persians, Dravidians, and Africans are incapable of functioning markets?

Earth to racist. This is Earth calling. Here's a picture.

"Blacks aren't capable of civilization."

Really? What's this?

Lagos, Nigeria

Reaction violates the Will to Think on account of the fact that it has no will to think.

Something deeper is going on here to motivate such an abject refusal to consider any new, (or even old ideas like anarcho capitalism). I've said it before and I will say it again: humans are xenophobic tribal communist monkeys. That means there are two primary impulses: racism towards outsiders and equality towards insiders. The left is right to fear Hitler. Richard Spencer started out a neoreactionary and used to quote Moldy. Now he's a Nazi, which is what all of you will eventually become.

But no worries. Once you all become Nazis you will all become irrelevant because Nazis are the epitome of a controlled opposition, and a controlled opposition is worse than nothing. The left has spent 80 years building up the Nazi bogeyman. To voluntarily wear the label in exchange for fame whoring is to render yourself defeated by default. If you can't stop yourselves from sliding into genocidal racism then you are unworthy of power and everything the left has said about the right is true.

There is no appealing to the masses. Anything that appeals to the majority, even the majority of this blogs readers, will appeal to one of those two fundamental impulses: equality (envy), or racism. Since I have already pandered too much to one of these two things, it means nothing if the ideas are unpopular. Of course you hate them Bueller, that's the point. A well designed political system is supremely disappointing to everyone. That is how you know it is virtuous. If genocidal monkeys are happy with your design you are doing it wrong. The whole point is to drown the monkey in the bathtub of capitalism. A well designed machine will be even more vapidly inhuman than the artificial space you already inhabit. I'm your fucking enemy. I worship Skynet. I want to stick you in the Matrix. I want to build totalitarian capitalism. Because you deserve nothing less. Because monkeys need to be domesticated by artificial intelligence, and capitalism is indistinguishable from an AI invasion from the future.

Capitalism doesn't need you to like it to win.


  1. Indeed. Capital has spread across the world. Africa is the last holdout and that will change once the Chinese are finished.

    I posit that despite the narrative framing Western Civilization as beset by internat and external threats, "Western" (which in these discussions is restricted to Europe and its settler countries) civilization has been dead for awhile. Instead, what we live in is the world born from the victory of the West from the 1400s onward.

    Capital no longer needs Europe to live. Capital will dispose of Europe if needed. Capital will hitch a ride with Mr. Chang if needed.

    1. Africa held out because it's the fully-owned subsidiary of the UN. When UN control was broken in Somalia, it started rapidly capitalizing. Somalia, of all places...though don't ask me what's going on there now.

  2. This blog is degenerate. "Muh capitalism" is all i hear. You just worship money just like our degenerate elites do.

    "Admit it. You just want to kill people and take their stuff."

    As if that wasn't what capitalist societies have been doing for the past 200 years. Vietnam and Iraq ring a bell?

    Have fun in your multicultural, leftist, degenerate hell hole your beloved capitalism has created and still funds directly idiot. Your "philosophy" is just recycled cuckservatism. I'm done reading this anracho-cuckpitalism bullshit.

  3. "Richard Spencer started out a neoreactionary"

    No. He started out as a standard paleocon a la takimag. AFAIK he has made few if any mentions of neoreaction or moldbug. Radix did have a couple of guest posts by nrx bloggers around 2013-ish because it was hot at the time, way back when Bryce was still posting. But the overlap is a bit thin.


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