Friday, July 21, 2017

Social media

If my twitter feed is any indication, the human race is truly bizarre and vile. If my facebook feed represents humanity then it is a mixture of pleasant, narcissistic and combative.

If the NY Times is an indication it is a precise inversion of reality. Mainstream publications are good at that—inverting things.

There once was an era when people believed that empowering everyone to say everything on their mind would be radically transformative. We have that now and it turns out that the masses excel only at either conformity or viciousness. I can't log on to twitter for five minutes before hearing someone tell me they hate white men. Social media is a sewer. It degrades the people who use it and their audiences.

I am now convinced that silence is golden and that human nature needs to be suppressed under a thick pile of rules and etiquette. Perhaps humans should be sent to finishing school and barred from speaking in cyberspace.

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