Saturday, July 1, 2017

Statriarchy: considering the Brave New World option

This is part of a series focused on technologies and systems.

Let's be honest.

The true purpose of the state is to serve elite interests. Since giving the public a seat at the table improves wealth production, and thus, more effectively serves elite interests, democracy is a more developed method of parasitism than conventional authoritarianism.

The President does not serve the interests of the people as his primary function. He serves the elites who sponsor his campaign. He is their agent, and not the peoples'. Democracy is an adaptive fiction whose purpose is to achieve a higher standard of wealth production through consensual politics. Elections are really a ratification of elite rule, and a method for testing the effectiveness of manufactured consent. Additionally, the illusion of popular consent exploits a cognitive bias of homo sapiens; anything that people have a hand in constructing they feel responsible for. That which the public feels responsible for goes unchallenged. Thus, popular politics deflects blame for the policies of the state onto the population, as voters blame their neighbors of the opposite political party rather than the principle, (elites). Additionally, in keeping with the truest expression of the corporate tradition, the principles of the state firm remain anonymous. They are the shareholders of the Federal Reserve, the GS15s of the permanent bureaucracy, the 12,000 registered lobbyists, and last but not least, the 1.5 million NGOs of the US, and all the activist organizations.

The state is a farm. Humans are the livestock. Wealth is the harvest. Illusions of participatory government are the marketing system. It sells access in exchange for support.

Equality is a mass-delusion that must be indulged for the purposes of gaining compliance. Like all ideologies, it is marketing for power.

A farm needs livestock. If the people won't reproduce themselves then the state must breed them anyway. The parasite cannot allow the host to die.

Let's get dystopian.

In the book Brave New World humans are grown in artificial gestation chambers. When we consider the issues of dysgenics, population collapse, low marriage rates, and the implosion of traditional marriage structures, many of these problems are solved by simply growing new humans artificially. A society could limp along with no traditional social technologies and simply manufacture its population. It could even meet diversity requirements be selecting only the smartest and least violent Africans for sperm and egg donation. In fact, if the population was steadily declining as a result of liberal degeneracy, it could simply manufacture 140 + IQ (white) humans in large enough quantities while allowing the regular population to die off. These people could then replace the existing voting pool. Most of the people it produces would be white, and the minorities it produces would be low crime, and not as intelligent.

But this racial accommodation need only be temporary. Once the population is sufficiently replaced, it could switch to an all-white export policy.

Ideally these people would be grown and raised overseas. Then they could be imported as an immigrant population of (mostly) whites. By placing them in swing districts and indoctrinating them overseas, elections could be influenced in favor of the right-wing. They could be taught reactionary politics from a young age. Quite naturally, their high intelligence would make them successful at getting power and influence. By concealing their manufactured status and origin, they could serve as an insurrectionary political force.

They could even have mothers and fathers. The MUTHR (Maternal Up-bringer Teaching Healthy Roles), and PHATHR (Paternal Helping Advocate Training Healthy Roles), would be paid to raise a set of 7 children, (4 girls and 3 boys, or 3 girls and 4 boys). Muthr and Phathr are also called Upbringer and Advocate, respectively.

It's an 18 year commitment. To become one of these childcare providers you take a paid internship as a either a babysitter or coach for at least 3 years. During that time your behavior towards children is monitored. To get the internship you have to pass a lie detector test, and also an implicit attitudes exam designed to detect sexual interest in children. If any impure interest in children is discovered you are disqualified for life. Even after the 18 year commitment you must continue to receive phone calls from your children. It's not so much a job as a life commitment. The 18 year contract you sign is how you get paid for it.

Every group of 7 children has a Muthr and every group of 14 children has a Phathr. The Muthr's job is childcare, cooking, and affection, while the Phathr's job is to take children on camping trips (with 2 Muthrs), schedule education and training, provide entertainment, and act as a sports coach. Muthrs and Phathrs are groups of 3: there are 2 Muthrs for every Phathr. For the sake of the children's psychological health, these groups are called families, and the members of each family are never reassigned. There are also teachers and doctors of course.

Muthrs are allowed to have sex with the Phathrs they are assigned to work with. Before 14 children are hatched from their gestation bags, 2 Muthrs choose a common Phathr, and he chooses them.

In the beginning of the program only highly intelligent people are selected. After awhile the children who were raised by the program are invited to become sperm and egg donors for the program. They are also invited to become Muthrs and Phathrs. They can even raise their own children within the program. In this way, only people who want to have children are being selected for by the program. The result is a selection effect where humans who want to have children are generating most of the population of adult humans, as the population slowly dies off from liberal degeneracy. This is basically breeding a human population into existence for whom having children is primary and sex is secondary, (as opposed to regular humans who are more interested in having sex than raising children). Repeatedly, generation after generation, only people who really, really want to have children are having children; and their genetic material is flowing outward into the population at a rapid rate.

Eventually humans are brought into existence who have a psychological aversion to birth control. Once that happens the program becomes obsolete. All liberals have died off and all new humans want to form families. Society can now return to traditional family formation at a much higher IQ level than before.

To facilitate this, a new nation is needed outside liberal control. A reactionary president could take a group of military bases overseas and convert them into city states. They are given a set of nuclear armed submarines under their common management. The nation is called the United City States, or UCS. It's main export is people, and it is a monarchy. To guarantee the US military's support for the regime, high ranking officers are given land in exchange for agreeing to defend it. They become the new nations police and owners. Lots of other things are done to accomplish this, but the main gist is to form an area outside leftist control, and then remake humanity through emigration to all the other countries of Earth. The UCS exports white reactionary replacement humans to all other countries.


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