Sunday, July 30, 2017

The revolutionary social consequences of bag babies

Because of my warped and perverse sense of humor I have invented a new term: "bag baby."

A bag baby is a baby grown in a bag, like below. No doubt this insult will find its way to grade school playgrounds once the future arrives.

Let's talk about the massive social consequences of this technology.

Abortion will be heavily stigmatized.
Once children can be grown in gestation bags a woman's ability to get an abortion may be threatened. What excuse is there to terminate a pregnancy when you can grow one artificially? Many women may simply opt to have all their eggs harvested and frozen for later life. The elderly will routinely reproduce. Career women may have children in their fifties. Since children are a choice, there is no longer any excuse to murder babies.
However, it will enable riding the cock carousel.
Many hedonists may put off having children because they think they can reproduce in old age. When they reach old age they may find that they don't have the energy to have children. Thus, a technology that enables hedonism may drive hedonists to extinction in the long-term.
It may exacerbate the extinction of whites.
By enabling irresponsible behavior it may exacerbate extinction. However, that effect may be felt by all races eventually. I have said before that technology destroys morality.
Women will be made to pay child support for children they did not consent to having, like men.
A man marries a woman
He wants a bag baby. She doesn't.
He goes to the clinic and gets one anyway.
She divorces him.
He sues for child support and gets it.
The manosphere will reproduce itself.
Someone like Paul Elam will raise an army of misogynistic boys, and indoctrinate them all in the cult of men's rights. Eventually, the males may separate into a different species or nation. Gay men may become their own species too.
White men will reproduce themselves independently of the Left's hatred.
And the left will fume in anger.
Corporations and governments may farm their own citizens, shareholders, owners, and managers.
And no amount of tyranny will threaten their ability to breed citizens.

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