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Today I opened up my laptop and on the Windows lock screen there was the usual pretty picture of a landscape or whatever, and along with that was something like, "Did you know that only 7.2 % of women get STEM degrees?"

Ideology will chase you to the ends of the Earth now.

Inventing a counter-ideology is all that you can do to stay sane these days. The purpose of leftism is to drive the population insane so that their madness can be harnessed to achieve the final, the wonderful, the liberating, the eschaton of pure equality, where none will be envious because none will be different or judged; one monolithic sameness of eternal skip hopping bliss.

Of course this is a lie—"oppression" does not come from outside but from within—the human animal will find an ever more petty series of microaggressions to be triggered by. This is because envy, like hate, and all other human emotions, exists independently of any external stimulus, and will simply find a target to latch on to. One needs to feel aggrieved just like one needs to find something to be angry by. This need is always there. It is no matter what is actually happening in the environment. You will simply find something—no matter how small, to be angry about. The source of this discomfort is within yourself, and has nothing to do with what is "out there." The ancestors of black Americans endured the literal whip across the back, and still found reasons for happiness. The modern negro finds no pleasure even in the cultural appropriation of his own music: an act that should flatter his vanity if he were sane.

In case you have not noticed, men like being miserable. It gives meaning to their pointless lives. It inflates their egos to imagine themselves victims. At least you were important enough to be oppressed! The truth is rather the opposite.

Leftism gives you pain so that it can harness that pain for political action. The alt-right has stumbled upon a perfect counter formula: giving white people dread of their own extinction for political action. What a beautiful symmetry that only democracy could create.

These formula are the outcome of the power system they serve. Ideology is downstream from power—yet again. Which is to say, that the structure of a system determines what kinds of ideologies propagate within it. Structure is akin to an ecosystem and ideology to various mimetic parasites that have evolved solely for virulence. A well-selected meme can be virulent in one environment, and dead on arrival in another. (America vs China for example).

Rent-seeking drives law making in a democracy. Democracy is a marketplace for the purchasing of laws through campaign sponsorship. Because there is no separate house dedicated solely to repeal, law accumulates as the entrenched interests that made the law have a stake in its continuance. To ask the state to reform a corrupt marketplace is to ask the corrupt to reform themselves: a nonstarter by definition. Legislative accumulation occurs as a result. As the law and state expands, so does the ideology needed for its justification. Ideologies sit on the shelf unused until they become useful to power. Ideology itself is to power as marketing is to business. Since ideology is marketing for power, there are no liberating ideologies, and never will be. Someone always pays for the promotion of a new idea.

The business that created that statement on my computer screen was Microsoft. Increasing the number of female engineers will depress wages further. Microsoft would benefit from depressing wages. Encouraging women to have STEM degrees instead of children would profit Microsoft. Presto! The degenerate motives of power appear.

Every institution follows the logic of its own internal needs. The first step is to liberate yourself from ideology. You would not base your life on the slogan of a Lucky Charms commercial. Why do you live by the ideologies created by others? The system needs your pain for its power.

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