Monday, August 28, 2017

This is worth sharing

EDIT: everyone hates the Palestinians because they are totally unsympathetic. Blowing yourself up is never the way to gain sympathy. People can basically exterminate you if you are unsympathetic.

Here is our Jewish conservative neocon friend talking about how wonderful Israel is.

And here is an example of propaganda done correctly.

Optics are everything. A war for ethnic independence is fundamentally a war to win the hearts and minds of neutral people who could give you aid and support. Here is Nelson Mandela singing about killing whites below. Again, optics are everything. Mandela was a terrorist, but he is also sympathetic. Gandhi was said to have inspired both MLK and Mandela. "Soul Force" aka, non-violent resistance, is the most goddamn effective weapon in the world for liberation struggles.

And here is an example of what NOT to do. This is how you become "Palestinian" to the rest of the world. This is how you enable your own extermination by being unsympathetic, and hateful.


You are not Zionists. You are Hindus fighting for liberation. You are in danger of becoming Palestinians. You need to avoid the "Palestinian trap."

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  1. Lefties only cry about Da Palestinians since Israel is coded as (((White))) while Palestinians are coded as sacred muds. Just as your garden variety Dindu Defender doesn't actually live around Dindus in significant numbers who aren't the rare respectable ones, they don't actually have to deal with the Palestinians man-to-man.

    But in any case, of course your advice should be pursued. But the Alt-Right has too many LARPers and Channers to listen. Posting this on 8chan would just get you calls of muh PR.


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