Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Why exactly is America so insane? A guess.

There is this argument called a homunculus fallacy.

Basically the homunculus is a little man who lives inside you mind and does all the thinking for you. When people ask, "what does the thinking?" someone will respond with, "oh well, the homunculus in your mind does all the thinking." It is a kind of infinite regress problem because we can always then ask, "what does the thinking for the homunculus?"

The concept of the "Cathedral" comes across as a homunculus fallacy.

Person: "Why is America insane?"

NRx: "the Cathedral makes it insane."

Person: "but why is the Cathedral insane?"

NRx: "muh divided power."

Here's the problem: lots of nations have divided power; the French, the Japanese, the Italians. Last time I checked South Koreans weren't going nuts over feminism, and mass non-Korean immigration. The Japanese aren't taking refugees in large numbers. The Italians did not invent gender theory. The Russians did not create the "New Atheist" movement.

America is the worlds greatest exporter of madness.

But why?

Insufficient purging.

Through immigration the United States has been absorbing the misfits, runaways, political dissidents, perverts, weirdos, etc., for hundreds of years. America has also never had a genocidal purge the way other nations have. Kings murdered violent people and anyone who rose up against the state. Communist revolutions killed millions who could not keep their mouths shut. Inquisitions set weird people on fire. While the rest of the world has been purging its non-conformists for thousands of years America has been absorbing them. This is also probably why we lead the world in technological development.

Americas founding stock, the Puritans, were religious lunatics. Every successive wave of immigrants has imported more of these people. Australia is a prog hell, but it is only hell because it has absorbed prog doctrine from America. The rest of the world conforms to American doctrine. We are the only place that invents the madness. Even during the most violent parts of Chinese communist cultural self-critique, the revolutionaries who committed mass murder were still conforming to an imported ideology; an ideology the West gave them; an ideology supplied by non-conformists lunatics.

None of these other explanations cover all the details: divided power does not explain the whole world. "American individualism," is just another homunculus. "The American Way," is yet another homunculus. "The continuation of the religious wars of enlightenment," sounds more convincing until you realize that the process continued in America but basically ended in Britain. We export the madness, and not the British.

No. The reason is simple: purging gets rid of lunatics who cannot shut up, and America has far too many lunatics. It does not matter if the purging is done by the left or right; the genetic results are the same. Of course, as one of the right-wing lunatics I would prefer any side but mine. My guess is that "revolutionary energy," does not sustain itself without a genetic component driving it. "The permanent revolution" is an American genetic invention. Like a forest with too much dead wood, it will burn itself off once it reaches a critical mass.

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