Monday, September 18, 2017

Empire Files: How Palestine Became Colonized

This looks interesting.


  1. Oh come on.

    As defeated peoples go, the Palestinians have gotten off lightly. Were the tables turned, they'd not be so merciful as to allow their enemies to live. I say the Israelis should have slaughtered or expelled them, utterly, in the 1950s or 60s. Who needs another wretched Muslim nation in the Middle East?

    The strong survive, the weak perish. Isn't this how it should be?

    1. What if high IQ whites and Asians are the "weak" under the current conditions of capitalism and below 70 IQ hordes are the "strong." The problem with putting your faith in Gnon is that Gnon has no faith in you. Nature's law is capricious — she can build up IQ under feudalism only to destroy it under capitalism. I want to control the systems that control me, not worship them.

  2. >I want to control the systems that control me, not worship them.

    You sound like a Leftist.

    "Capital is doing what I solipsistic deem to be badwrong so I'll control it"

    You end up building yet another disaster in the vein of Russia, Cuba, etc. You figure someone who's studied the Austrian School would be more suspicious of schemes to make a more loyal Capitalism.


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