Monday, October 16, 2017

Christian patriarchy, Islamic patriarchy, and "predatarchy"

In light of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal it needs to be pointed out that we do not live in a patriarchy, for "patriarchy" means the rule of fathers — literally, the Latin word "patri," meaning "father" and "archy" meaning, "the rule or government composed of."

Partri = father
archy = government by

Government by the father.

In a Christian patriarchy the daughter belongs to her father. An offense against the daughter is an offence against her father. If she is married it is an offence against her husband, if not, against her father. If her father is dead, an offence against her is an offence against her brother. There is a chain of custody, and responsibility moves down the chain if male relatives die off. She is never really emancipated until she reaches menopause.

 This entitles the nearest male relative to violent retribution to restore her honor.

If Harvey Weinstein had assaulted these women in an actual Christian patriarchy he would have found himself on the wrong end of a gun decades ago. He would have assaulted only one women. She would have gone crying to her father about it, and that father would have blown him away in cold blood. Even better, in actual patriarchy the judge would have patted the murdering father on the head and said "good boy."

Obviously this would have prevented all his subsequent abuse.

In real Christian patriarchies it is legal for men to murder other men who assault their daughters. This underscores two points; first, Christian patriarchy was never a system for "oppressing" women. It may have had the side effect of restricting their sexual choices, but that was done to minimize the need for retribution, and never its main purpose. It was a system for protecting women from predation, and controlling who they spent their time around was another means to that end.

Contrast this with an Islamic patriarchy where the woman is forced to marry her rapist, and if she refuses, is killed in the name of family honor; typically by her brothers. This is "honor killing." In essence, Islamic patriarchy is legally enforced rape.

Christian patriarchy discourages rape by punishing it with the fathers vengeance, while Islamic patriarchy rewards rape by giving the victim over to the assailant as bride property. Feminists conflate the two, but Western culture always had a form of women's rights built into its form of patriarchy even back then.

Since women are often loathe to marry their rapists, (contrary to what Jim says), a great many women in Islamic societies refuse to marry their attacker, producing a large number of honor killings and a shortage of women. Also, reproducing your race through rape is dysgenic as all hell, destroying genetic quality over time since the most dysgenic males tend to be rapists. Female sexual choice makes men compete on quality for women's attention, raising the quality and power of men over time. (Is this why White men conquered the world and not Arabs?) Causation cultures are some of the few in the world that has always granted women an element of mate choice, and that choice may be a major factor in the ascent of White men to global dominance. After all, each sex is the result of the others mate selection, women are hypergamous, and selection for high quality produces just that.

With the advent of birth control choice is now unlimited. Even without large scale rape, some women past women reproduced involuntarily. Their sex drives drove them into the arms of men, and without reproductive technology, pregnancy was the inevitable result. These "involuntary reproducers" are now dying off. We live in one of the most brutal eras of natural selection in human history. Normally, if this many people were failing genetically there would be mountains of bodies in the streets. What we are seeing is Bubonic plague levels of genetic termination. We can't see it clearly because it is only a pill, but birth control is the chemical version of a predator, and it targets only women. Consider that in a thousand years every woman on the Earth will be the product of fifty generations of selection effects against birth control. Imagine a teenage boy taking a girl on a date, and she looks at him with a crazed look in her eyes and says;
"So when are you going to impregnate me?"
"I've had our, I mean my, future children's names picked out since age twelve."

Her mother wanted to have children, and her mother's mother, and her grandmother's mother, and so on, for FIFTY GENERATIONS. Every single woman alive on Earth is the product of fifty generations of CHOICE to have children. Fifty generations of choice have produced her mind, her desires, her hopes, her dreams. For a thousand years only the women who wanted children had them, and here she sits, across from you, thirsty for pregnancy.
"I can almost feel your babies inside me Joe. Do you know what it feels like? Do you have any idea? The crushing loneliness of it all? I think about it every day!
"I need you sperm. I want it, I can't live without it. Give it to me!"
Meet your future wife. Crazed baby bitch.

A choice made habitually one way every generation eventually breeds and animal incapable of making any choice, and so every woman will be incapable of making any other choice but to have children. Even the ability to chose will itself been bred out of the species, and will be unthinkable to most women, and possibly many men.

An identical effect will happen with men and pornography. Future man will find pornography to be viscerally disgusting, or he will be incapable of getting it up without the smell of the female body, or be incapable of seeing a two-dimensional image as three-dimensional, or something. Some disgust reaction or visual handicap will evolve to turn men off porn.

Evolutionary effects produce ideological consequences, and feminism is how "involuntary reproducers" articulate, justify, and internalize their extinction. Naturally, when people are destroying themselves their envy makes them lash out at society, and try to drag the rest of us down with them. Patriarchy bred women, often against their will, and this increased the numbers of involuntary reproducers — of women who did not chose to have children. The societies with the most brutal forms of it will now undergo the most brutal effects of natural selection from choice. (I'm looking at you Islam). In the long-term Whites should come out ahead of most cultures that had monarchy, but no necessarily ahead of Blacks, for whom monarchy was mostly absent.

We may speculate that when an organism cannot reproduce itself it may seek its own death as a means of reducing its consumption of tribal resources. The Jungian Death Drive exists for a reason; only 50 to 70 percent of modern women can reach orgasm. A great many women were bred under patriarchy to be passive recipients of penetration. Many "asexual" women are stunningly beautiful; this can be a stable sexual equilibrium under patriarchy; to perpetuate your genes you don't necessarily need a sex drive if your looks combined with the external environment will force you to marry the local lord, especially if there is no birth control.

Feminists need to realize that there are female genetic "tails" symmetrical to the male genetic "heads" of rapists. Meaning; for every rapist in existence there is a corresponding number of asexual woman in society. Assuming pregnancy occurs, rape perpetuates two sets of genetics. It perpetuates the males genetic inclination for rape along the y chromosome, and it perpetuates the infantilizing traits that make women vulnerable to rape, traits like gullibility, infatuation with dangerous men, risk taking, and behaviors that cause a woman to unconsciously place herself in the presence of predatory males.

For every "born rapist" there is a "born female imbecile" who will pass out drunk at a party with her legs open, and feet up in the air. This is the "genetic tails" to the "rapist heads" of the male sex. It is the other side of the selection effect on the same genetic coin of sexual assault. Of course, given enough abortion over a long enough period of time this will go extinct too, as women abort babies produced by sexual assault.

This is why your average feminist resents any implication that women should take responsibility for avoiding sexual assault; why suggestions like "don't pass out drunk at parties" fall of deaf ears. (Over ninety percent of rapes involve alcohol). Some women are born imbeciles because that is exactly what they need to be to get impregnated by a rapist. Nature doesn't give a shit if you suffer; evolution is a reproduction maximizing algorithm. Those traits that reproduce themselves will be selected for no matter how much suffering they cause. Sickle cell anemia? Bueller, Bueller? It's a genetic adaptation that confers resistance to malaria. Have one allele for sickle cell and you're fine, have two and, and. . .

The problem that feminists do not understand, will not comprehend, is that some women are born "prey." Selection effects have produced an awful lot of women who are designed to be exactly as stupid as they need to be in order to guarantee that they get sexually assaulted, and impregnated, by predatory men. These evolved imbeciles don't necessarily vote to bring Muslim rapists from Pakistan into Western societies out of some hostility to the West. Do they? Oh no, they are just evolved to facilitate their own status as prey.

And this is why ultimately there is no "equality" between men and women. No, women are not voting for rape, conquest, and war as Jim says. You are reading too much agency into it. It's far more deluded and irrational than that, and this means there are really only two types of societies; patriarchies, (societies ruled by fathers), and predatarchies, (societies ruled by predators). If many women prefer the later over the former is is because they are evolved to. Give it a few hundred years; this will go away; as the only ones standing will be the voluntarily reproducing, the desirous of babies, and the repulsed by porn. A great culling has begun; for I am death, destroyer of worlds, and my name is birth control.


  1. >Implying there will be 50 generations more.
    >Implying the Crazed baby bitch isn't best girl.
    >Implying many other things

    1. lol
      I write this blog just so I can hear the comments.

      If the world's population starts out at 10 billion and decreases by half each generation that still gives 24 generations until it falls below the minimum of about 500 people necessary to sustain a breeding population. Surely the world would wake up within 480 years and discover the genes responsible for wanting children, and bottle them as a gene therapy before that day arrived. The point of this blog isn't pessimism, though I can see how it might come across as that. There are always solutions.

  2. Since woman apostasize from Christianity anyway because of Patriarchy. Which to them is inherently abusive. What may happen is that there is much less effort required to control the much more pro-patriarchy women and more energy focused on other things.

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  4. There's no such thing as rape absent of paternal male authority to determine what other males can have access to any daughters and sisters. The woman's cry of "rape/harassment" is really either:

    A. "You're an unattractive male who's fucking or about to fuck me and I don't wish for your seed to get into my womb" (see both the Rebecca Watson incident and the catcalling video where the most noticeable catcallers were non-White men hunting for a White woman)

    B. "I fucked you but I regret it now"

    C. "I'm desperate for attention, drama, and could use some cash" (Harvey Weinstein)

    1. Here's the thing: the relative absence of female moral agency was caused by the very existence of male parental authority. Infantilization by men can be internalized on a genetic level if it occurs for a long enough period of time. The existence of male authority, or rape, or whatever you want to call the infantilization of women, produces the lack of agency it is intended to solve. Birth control runs contrary to this process, exterminating the genes of low agency women. To argue for male guardianship is to argue for the very evolutionary force that produced low agency women to begin with. I don't like that. The trad solution merely perpetuates the genes of low agency women, and I want high agency women.

  5. A fine post. Elegantly worked with spikes of foresight.

    Although low-agency women frequently forget to take their birth control. So there's that. I suppose that's where a bunch of the abortions are coming from.


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