Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Everywhere in the world equality is used to support slavery, and create greater inequalities

In the name of equality rent controls are imposed. If you know a little bit about economics you know that rent controls cause a rise in rents on all non-rent controlled units. By restricting profits from building housing the incentive to build new housing is reduced, causing a reduction in the supply of housing and a housing shortage. The resultant shortage raises rents on the remaining housing. Also, since housing is made artificially cheep on the rent controlled units, people rent larger spaces than they normally would have. Thus, rent control exacerbates inequality by raising rents on all apartments other than the rent controlled units.

All housing restrictions raise housing costs, and yet, the most fierce proponents of the restrictions are usually the very liberals who live in cities and are screwed over by them.

In the name of equality, college is subsidized. The subsidies increase the supply of professional workers relative to demand. The result is to lower their wages. Liberal college students vote for college subsidies and fail to realize that they are also voting to lower their own future wages. In societies that massively over-produce college graduates, like many European societies, there are so many graduates than the only way to find work is to have connections. Thus, college subsidies produce an even more discriminatory system.

In the name of equality, immigrants are brought in. These immigrants depress wages by increasing the supply of labor. They also act as a de facto slave labor force for corporations, and a supply of votes for the democratic party. Liberals who vote for immigration are voting, without realizing it usually, to suppress their own wages.

In the name of equality, women believe that they are empowered by going to work. In reality, by doubling the labor supply, they cut everyone's wages in half, so that for the same standard of living a couple must now work twice as hard.

In the name of equality the Democratic party destroyed segregation, which had the effect of forcing African Americans to spend money in their own communities, which created a local multiplier effect and created jobs for Blacks. By ending segregation the Black community destroyed its own economic independence and made itself dependent on Whites, since Whites will not shop in Black neighborhoods, and thus, will not return money to the Black community that they have taken out.

In the name of equality, socialist countries impose price controls. The result is shortages of basic goods, and hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is a massive increase in the cost of goods, and hurts the poor most severely — the very people who voted for it. The result is Venezuelans eating out of the trash.

In the name of equality, people have installed the very communist governments that made them feudal slaves under a one-party tyranny. No one is harmed more by communists than the poor.

None of this is new. In the name of equality, kings destroyed the aristocracy and converted feudal society into capitalist society, kicking peasants off their land and making them wage slaves.

Civilization is a process where the doctrine of "equality" is used to generate economic rents. An alliance of the high with the low  against the middle pushes it forward. As the cost of economic rents increases, societies go from feudalism to monarchy, from monarchy to democracy, from democracy to socialism, from socialism to feudalism, in an endless cycle. In the final analysis, socialism is indistinguishable from feudalism, since the government owns the economy in both societies, and ultimately rules for the benefit of the elite. There is no "dictatorship of the proletariat." The proletariat are proletariat precisely because they cannot see that equality is a weapon for slavery, that it is used in all eras of human history, and that it is always a ruse for more inequality.

The process by which one regime type, (democracy, monarchy, and feudalism), transform from one to the other is economic; when economic rents exceed the carrying capacity of the economy a political crisis occurs, forcing the elites to take ownership of the economy directly. That is how democracy becomes feudalism. Feudalism then concentrates power into fewer and fewer hands until monarchy results. Monarchy then accumulates rent-seekers until it is overthrown by democracy. The process is always upward; the king wants more power and wealth, and so produces capitalism out of feudalism. The bourgeois wants more power and wealth, and so produces democracy. The proletariat wants more power, cooperates in its own unwitting subversion, and produces socialism/feudalism. Through the three regime types, the engine of historical power moves down from the high caste to the low, but the low are too foolish to run themselves, and so make the process circular, delivering themselves into bondage.

What is needed to end this process is some sort of ultimate exit technology. Economic rents drive it forward, and these rents are only possible if government has a captive population base; that is, if one has to pay taxes. If money can be separated from the state, (like with Bitcoin), that is a start. If the state can be separated from the power to coerce, that is the end of the cycle. And in a world with nuclear weapons the cycle of revolution needs to end.

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