Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How To Be Single


  1. Glorfying parasitism and scorning civic duty.

    Anyway, the "ideal" societal arrangement for women boils down to three things:

    1. Attempting to force men who project high-status (called "Alphas") into commitment for the offspring they produce (sons to protect them, daughters to marry off), resources, and protection while also punishing such men who won't commit (modern welfare states and government make-work jobs complicate this).

    2. Keeping lower-status but still seemingly reliable for acquiring resources men in a state of servitude and desperation for female approval, so that they will not just feed attention and resources to women while getting more or less nothing out of it, but also await eagerly their shot to serve as an escape hatch/meal ticket for a woman who spent her childbearing years on the slut circuit/make work circuit/finding herself circuit and has now grown too old/used up/overweight/indebted to attract a man of higher-status who isn't desperate himself. Alternating tactics of incessant attacks (to keep them down) and “man-up” shaming tactics (to keep them from slipping into the next category, where they are no longer of use) are employed.

    3. Keeping the most repulsive men (called Wizards, Omegas, Elliot Rodger, etc.) down, out, and far far away (maybe dead)

    Any time you’re lectured about what "should be" when it comes to women and sexuality from the Left, this is what’s being forced down your throat.

    1. The video above is mocking the left.

    2. I didn't say it didn't. Did you read my comment?


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