Friday, November 17, 2017


The essential reason that liberals are liberals is that they cannot sit still and shut up long enough to hear and fully comprehend a complex argument. Conservative logic takes several steps to arrive at the correct conclusion, or the conclusion requires enduring and confronting some potentially uncomfortable truth. Many conservative ideas are intuitive and unarticulated, and liberals don't do common sense intuition, and can't understand a complex idea unless they can put it into words. There is a proven connection between stress and loss of executive decision making function. The more angry or stressed out someone is, the less able they are to think clearly. Liberals talk a lot about "mindfulness," and they are the one's who need it the most. They fail to realize that many people live their whole lives in a state of so-called "mindfulness," and that being impulsive, emotionally volatile, and knee-jerk, is a trait limited almost exclusively to them. There is also a proven connection between facial width, male muscularity, and conservatism. Men who are more muscular and have wider faces have more conservative politics. None of this is a mystery, if you have a fragile body you are likely to have a stronger "flight" response to stimuli. Weakness in men is correlated with liberal politics, strength with conservative politics. The basic problem of the liberal is that he cannot control his emotions long enough to deal with harsh and complex truths. Women are more liberal than men for the same reason. Those with an increased limbic stress response will have more knee-jerk politics, will do less overall thinking, and will be less tolerant of harsh truths.

Take the endless liberal obsession over the "Mike Pence rule." It's obvious to anyone who does even the most cursory thinking on the issue, that the reason Mike Pence refuses to be alone in any room with a woman other than his wife is not because he needs to, "restrain himself from sexual harassment," but because he needs to restrain unscrupulous and evil women from falsely accusing him of crimes. It should also be completely obvious that he is too nice to say so out loud, or that he does not want to embarrass his president by saying so. His "I need to control myself" bullshit is just what he is supposed to say so that he doesn't have to open the can of worms and tell the truth; that there are tons of evil harpy bitches in this society, that they lie, that they use shakedown tactics to get ahead, that giving women power just doubles the number of evil people in power, that women are not innocent, and were never innocent, and never will be innocent; that female innocence is, and always has been, bullshit.

The solution to liberalism is months and months of training in TR-3, or something like it.

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