Thursday, December 7, 2017

Julia Galef notices something interesting

From Twitter dot com.

A modified version of this thesis explains the entire behavior of women towards alpha males.


  1. I'd be interested to read a brief on that modified thesis. The first thing that came to my mind was class dynamics in the west.

    Predators: Invader/Underclass
    Prey: Working/Professional Class
    Parasites: Political/Managerial Class
    Toxoplasma: Equality, White Guilt, Cultural Marxism, etc.

  2. I’m sure that a major part of the female dysfunction that impairs society is that they haven’t evolved like men have.

    The male is nature’s petri dish. Women have overall only evolved to function in small tribal societies where the available males can be more easily known from experience to be trustworthy as protectors and/or providers. They don’t function so well in societies with higher levels (hence female hysteria, disorders, "rape culture", feminism etc.). They haven’t evolved for non-stateless society in 12,000 years time. Men on the other hand have adapted for life under post-Neolithic Revolution societies onward far more than women. Males have long had a much smaller shot at reproducing than females, no doubt affecting selection since the males who lead at reproducing would be men who were best suited to lord over such societies.


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