Monday, December 18, 2017

Only four problems?

There are only four problems in the world;

(1) People are cognitive misers. They cannot think, will not think, and desire to be told what to think. Propaganda/education works because there is a market for it.

(2) Humans ritualistically convert their incentives (typically created by power) into moral imperatives, reacting thoughtlessly, to comply or rebel. Weirdly, they consider anyone who wants to change their incentives, and therefore change their morals, a sociopath. They believe they have a moral imperative to obey incentives, and are outraged by anyone who doesn't.

(3) People are too stupid and emotionally volatile to control/change the incentives that control them. Their minds always exist within the system or framework that they find themselves; they never envision how new power structures could produce new morals, how incentives could be changed to generate moral codes different than the one they find themselves in. They instinctively react against all alternative social configurations with hostility, unless the alternative is totally delusional. They can only embrace impossible ideas of perfection. They refuse to fully understand the low origins of morality in power, to then anticipate how a power configuration would produce a moral configuration, and to step outside their own notions of the "sacred." When they do reject the sacred, (in this case equality), they go running to the profane, (in this case racism). Before, when they rejected the divine-right-monarch they went running to atheism. They never control the incentives that control them, and never step outside false dichotomies to reject both the sacred, and profane concepts of their era.

(4) They cannot transcend the Christian cultural template that finds its way into everything. In all Western thought there is a template composed of several identical elements, those being; original sin, Satan, apostle, and God. This template pollutes everything, becoming alternately inequality, The Bourgeois, the comrade, and historical destiny, (communism) or white privilege, Hitler, educator, and equality, (regressive liberalism) or, religion, Christianity, atheist educator, and equality, (militant atheism), etc. In Western civilization, no one can transcend the religion of transcendence. It's template shows up in everything. Like corn, it is in every molecule of your body.


  1. I find these less a problem in general and more a specific issue where western societies have lost leadership with any kind of will to cultivate that which is in good evolutionary health. Unfortunately both natural evolutionary and technological corrective measures will be very racist by current standards.

  2. "In Western civilization, no one can transcend the religion of transcendence."

    So don't try. Why do you refuse to bend the knee?