Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Suggest a topic please

I am looking for suggestions for topics to write about. Leave your ideas in the comments section please.

I am considering writing about the moral exemption of women from responsibility. I have an entire counter-thesis worked out that explains everything feminism explains while placing the responsibility on women rather than men. Trouble is, the thesis takes equality as a given. The recommendation that comes out of it is holding women to a standard of extreme and radical accountability. It is called "the exemption hypothesis," and it explains everything from the wage gap, to the rape hoax epidemic, to feminism itself by positing that women are systematically held to be morally exempt from responsibility, and that this exemption is the source of ALL social ills. Basically, it is straight anti-feminism.

I have another potential topic that I am considering called the "tripartite system" that treats the trial by jury system, elections, and markets as three aspects of a single system characterized by (a) competition of elements, (b) a jury of judging function, and (c) a system of rules such as a constitution to govern it. It postulates that there is an historical process that brings the "tripartite" forward throughout history. It's kind of a "End of History and Last Man" thesis. It takes the idea of historical destiny and upholds markets as the ideal result of that process.


  1. The second topic sounds interesting and one we have been thinking about (legal reform). You are a "fan" of Friedman's Machinery of Freedom? Something like that could be used today, with Amazon like ranking systems for judges. Judges are graded according to how accurate they are in applying the law.

    On the subject of moral responsibility, what is your take on the argument made by Bruce Waller than since we do not have (libertarian) free will, moral responsibility must go by the board?

    1. See

  2. On your "Equality and Women" concern, there's no wrongin your thesis. See, Men and Women aren't Equal, and thus our primal instincts make Men treat Women specially - but our "Rational" side has the Social Perception that they're equal fellow humans, and this is also related to the whole Petersonian pseudo-universalisms of the Atomized Individual judging people by their absolute Individuality, not their pletora of collective identities.
    Hence, you see a striking difference in the social roles ans spheres of Western Women and say, Arab Women.

  3. >moral exemption of women from responsibility

    It's a evolutionary mismatch.

    1. Men did go out of their way for women in pre-Neolithic society since they were needed to maintain their lineages and tribes.

    2. Women have across history have never been particular adapted for life after the Neolithic Revolution. Post-Neolithic society selects for higher time preference behavior, more regard for those outside of your immediate community, and more importantly, both sexual control over women and more options for less "Alpha" men to reproduce since there's a surplus of resources now. Men who wouldn't dominate in pre-Neolithic society have more of a shot at reproducing if only from coalitions with men who do dominate now. These men crowd out the men who don't reproduce, making their son of their sons' more adapted. Women never went through this process to the same level as men, making them significantly mismatched with modern society (see the female's concern for her children and cliques over the male's armies and empires).


    A bunch of info showing how incapable women are when it comes to post-Neolithic civilization.


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