Sunday, December 3, 2017

You can't respect Tara McCarthy, and that is why you will lose

It's all about incentives, bitch.

Democracy requires large coalitions to win anything. The larger the coalition the more political power you will command, and the more you can control things. Say what you like about tolerance, but enforced tolerance has the beneficial effect of creating an incentive for cooperative behavior. If people are forced to be nice to one another they will at least be able to cooperate to achieve power.

Everything the right does sabotages itself.

Supposedly there are "reasons" for hating Tara McCarthy. The reason being that she does not have a bunch of children, (yet). But Wife With a Purpose has lots of children and received plenty of hate from the right. The notion that women on the right "do" anything to deserve the hate they receive is laughable. The men on the right have plenty of flaws too; porn habits, homosexuality, Asian banging, etc. Even hating women is an indulgence in the sin of either wrath or gluttony: pick one.

You may not like liberals, but they are right about one thing; hate is anterior to the object that is hated. Conservatives, especially the alt-right types, just have free-floating "hate." The hate they feel needs an object to latch on to, and it will find some reason, any reason, to hate something. If there is nothing to hate it will hate boredom itself.

The Christian mental pattern can manifest in at least 3 ways; (1) pathological guilt, (2) pervasive political/religious anxiety, (3) all-consuming hatred. The pattern is always the same, and exists in the minds of all White Western people. It is the pattern made of concepts like transcendence, original sin, salvation, utopia, worship, and pervasive anxiety about some evil, hatred of some sin, or guilt over some imperfection in the self. Western people never escape it, never rise above it. There is no "transcendence" from the pattern itself. A person who loses their faith will simply go from being a raving lunatic about Christ to a raving lunatic about White privilege, or go from being a Progressive lunatic anxious about inequality to be a racist lunatic anxious about White genocide. In the end there is no escape; you will always come back to the thought pattern you know, and the version of the Christian madness that is obsessed with guilt, (liberalism) will only be opposed by the madness obsessed with hate (conservationism), or anxiety, (alt-rightism), such that the total inability of people to escape the Christian mental pattern enslaves them to the hate that fractures their political coalition and causes them to always lose.

Since none of you can step outside the pattern, and since the left occupies the thought territory composed of pathological guilt, it is your destiny to live immersed in the pattern of rage or anxiety; both of which are less popular and seen as less virtuous than guilt.

Hating any woman on the alt-right is just the manifestation of this.

The second habit of defeat on the right in the learned helplessness typified by Land and Xenosystems. Worshiping the process of technology itself so that any horror can be excused in the name of evolutionary progress. Mass extinction of Whites? No problem, the ones that survive will be more intelligent. Globalism sucks? That's just capital acceleration dude. Needless to say, if you worship the void your culture falls into you probably can't do anything about it. The right is inhibited by its love of capitalism.

And by its fear and disgust towards power. Any suggestion of getting power leads to some rightest saying, "what are you? A sociopath?" Getting power is a vile and disguising process that is totally corrupt, and morally bankrupt. Yet rightists seem to think moral power is possible. Nonsense.

Lastly, there is what we may call "the principle of ignorant salvation." Which is the principle that people will prefer totally disastrous plans for getting power as long as they are unwilling or unable to envision the side effects, over a plan that is more intelligent and less destructive but whose side effects are obvious. For example; futarchy is a far better idea than communism, but billions of humans the world over have heard of communism but not futarchy. The problem is that futarchy outlines its political program in concrete terms, and by doing so people can anticipate the potential negative consequences. No one who supports communism "anticipates" any negative consequences.  The program is always vague enough to gain political support, even though it has failed before.

"Ignorant Salvation," is always preferred over "Known Salvation." Neoreaction basically says, "we will put a king in charge and everything will work out." (Ignorant Salvation) While I say, "some form of licensed anarcho capitalism is preferable." (Known Salvation). Problem is, that anyone can examine the flaws of my program so they reject it. While the monarchy program will have far more flaws, will be a total disaster, will require civil war, etc., it will still be embraced. Despite the fact that it is a far worse idea to anoint a king, kings will be preferred because reactionaries can be vague on the details, and they have already created a sunk cost bias in their own mind by reading hundreds of pages in support of it. None of this is rational. A beta test is more rational than a restoration. A Known Salvation is more rational than an Ignorant Salvation.

In summary;

Hate will divide you, and drive away your allies.
Excuses for capitalism will make you worship the thing that destroys you.
Disgust towards realpolitik will inhibit you.
The cognitive bias of Ignorant Salvation will guarantee your political program is a catastrophe, if it ever happens.


  1. The vast majority of voters are simple monomaniac widgets. You move them around and that's realpolitik.

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    1. Tara McCarthy is a female YouTube commentator on the alt right who recently got tarred and feathered for being a "trad thot" because she, as well as Lauren Southern, have typical sexual resumes and no children.


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