Friday, January 21, 2011

It has to be pointed out

Men have nipples because women need nipples to lactate. The male analogue is a by-product of the female evolutionary need to nurse young. Conversely, women have clitorises because men have penises. The female capacity for orgasm is a by-product of the male evolutionary need to inseminate, as are Skene's gland (the underdeveloped version of a prostate in women), and Bartholin's gland, (the female analogue of Bulbourethral's gland in men). This is why it is so difficult for some women to climax.

Women select men who are good providers. This tends to select for intelligence. Daughters inherent the intelligence of their fathers through the X chromosome. To paraphrase Atavisionary, "female intelligence rides the coat tails of male intelligence." Since high intelligence in women just gets in the way of reproduction, one might justifiably say that the female brain is a by-product of the male need for high intelligence, that just like nipples on men, the female brain was a vestigial byproduct of the opposite sex, and that just like all byproducts of sexual dysmorphism, it was not actually designed to have full functionality. After all, men cannot really lactate: why would women have the ability to think properly?

Next time your girlfriend acts crazy just remember that she is thinking with a brain that is the female version of male nipples.


Case in point below;


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