Friday, February 16, 2018

Best of 4chan

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  1. 4chan has better posts than that when it comes to the topic. I didn't save them and I'm not really sure how to find them... but one of them that comes to mind is a /k/ post about DOD simulations of civil war outcomes. More or less the US becomes balkanized, other countries supply training and equipment, stuff like that.

  2. The reality is that america has no leaders. If we did, the Feds could theoretically maintain order by bombing the leaders every time they disobeyed an order. Collective punishment can work extremely well, but only if you know who it is you need to be negotiating with.

    Ignore that ridiculous comment about america losing to insurgencies. The only reason we lose is because we refuse to use collective punishment. The Ottomans were successful with those methods, as were the Romans and every other empire that allowed client kingdoms to stay in charge. That's what made them empires.

    But yes. As much as I know gun proliferation causes chaos, my old republican instincts say that's what we should be going with. Until we can be absolutely sure that the people in charge are on our side, we cannot afford to be disarmed.


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