Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What "AI" really is

This is not AI.

This IS AI. Watch the video below.




Who trains the algorithm?


So the machine "evolves" in response to human training. That is, it evolves to perform one specific task that comes naturally to a human. Just because it can tell a "bee" from a "three" does not mean it can know who you are, understand language, or anything else. It literally knows nothing of the outside world beyond bees and threes. Its whole universe is bees and threes. Nay, it is even worse, because it is not even aware of itself, of bees, or of threes, or of the fact that any of these things have any meaning at all. It is just the machine version of an instinct for knowing the difference.

But the machine also trains the human. The YouTube algorithm is training you to watch more YouTube. It is "enslaving" you.

There is zero evidence to support the idea that a "classifier" will ever become self-aware. No one has yet done that, and designing a self-aware machine would have to be a deliberate act by a human being, and is probably impossible.

Self-aware AI will never come into being unless some human creates it. There is no evidence humans are smart enough to create it. It is a massive leap from a classifier to self-aware anything. To give you some idea of how far that is, even a lizard can tell the difference between two things. Your pet dog is literally smarter than the worlds smartest AIs.

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