Sunday, February 4, 2018

Why the future won't be as creepy as a Black Mirror episode

The digital world is hyper-honest. Meatspace is hyper-dishonest. The separation between the two is what causes a sensation of creepiness. Everyone goes on the internet, sees that such-and-such drank a tequila shot off a Mexican hookers ass, and then goes to work as if nothing happened. It's weird. Everyone pretends that the online world is not actually happening all the time and influencing everything. We know the political opinions of friends is a nuanced way that we could never know before, and yet we say nothing in the physical world.

Eventually that will end.

As the next generation grows up with the internet the hyper-honesty of cyberspace will bleed into reality, and the dishonesty of meatspace will bleed over into cyberspace. Eventually, a (hopefully) more honest equilibrium will emerge where people talk openly about what happened online. When that happens the Black Mirror-esque "creep factor" will vanish as people just talk openly about it all. "Yes, I saw that meme you shared. Yes, I know you hate White people. Yes, we're all racist," will replace the silence. When everyone is honest, few are shocked, and the digital and physical worlds collide, the creep factor vanishes. A person might get fired for their tweets, but they will also get hired for their tweets. When every news organization is openly political recruiters will scout for talent by looking at your political history online to vet you. Don't assume this process will automatically favor legacy media. One organization might not be willing to hire a racist, but what about another? Anticipate mega-White nationalist corporations in your future, accepting payment in crypto, evading regulations, managed by anonymous shareholders owning smart-contract stock. Imagine private police forces that use millions of cameras combined with AI to spot criminals. Anticipate government being rendered redundant as anarcho capitalist private security firms build a second state within the first, with everyone coming to see the original state as nothing more than a hindrance to its superior replacement.


  1. On that note:

    1. This is good news. There really is no difference between private government and feudalism except in terms of degrees. One of my biggest frustrations when I was military police (AF Security Forces) was enforcement of unjust laws, as well as bureaucratic irrationality. It is one of the reasons I left. A more rational/feudal order would be awesome.


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