Sunday, April 29, 2018

Anarcho tyranny, right wing style

Everyone is exactly what they need to be to guarantee social decay.

Conservatives could easily defeat the left by simply doing the exact same things back to the left that the left has done to them, forcing the left to attack their own actions.

How would liberals feel if White men benefited from affirmative action? What if there was a quota requiring universities to hire conservatives? What if conservatives were a protected class and it was illegal to discriminate against them? What if there was a "separation of ideology and state" that prohibited using tax dollars for teaching liberal/Marxist subjects? What if it was impossible to get a college degree without being subjected to eight semesters of conservative indoctrination? What if White people were a protected race?

How would liberals feel about that?

What if "affirmative action" gave Whites preferential hiring for federal jobs? 

What if the income of the left was redistributed to the right?

What if profits from "frivolous sexual harassment lawsuits" were taxed at 100 %? What if the language of the law was written in such a vague way that all sexual harassment laws were considered frivolous?

Why not destroy elite corruption by nationalizing the companies that employ lobbyists, then passing reform, the privatizing them again? You keep the free market and bankrupt the globalists.

You could practice sexual socialism by giving all men "relationship vouchers" that women could redeem. You could redistribute the means of reproduction, and your political party would have a solid lock on the beta male vote for the next hundred years.

What if you weakened manufacturing standards for birth control to the point where sugar pills could be sold as contraceptives? If you ban something you create a black market, but if you CORRUPT something then there is no way for the market to route around it. What if you make sure that both legal and black market birth control are totally unreliable? You make it impossible for women to safely ride Chad's dick.

What if the only way to get reliable birth control is to (a) get married, and (b) have 3 children, and (c) join the new Nationalist Party?

"Ok, well you have 3 children so now so it's fine." Our black market dealer will contact you."

Remember, governments don't have to enforce all the laws on the books.

And monopolies on reliability are perfectly legal.

You just make sure your party owns the only reliable contraceptives in the country.

"Gangs" occasionally pull over semi-trucks carrying birth control and swap the pills with sugar pills. Because the Highway Patrol was conveniently on out of range to respond. Drivers go to their destination as if nothing happened because they are party members. You make sure they are party members, or else.

What if you make it legal for porn companies to give computer viruses to their customers? Sure you can look at porn. It may turn your hard drive into a brick, but you can look at it. What if you deliberately infect their servers? What if you ignore their pleas for an investigation? Not everything in the economy needs to function well. The law does't have to be applied everywhere. Cyber laws don't have to protect porn companies.

What if you simply fail to enforce the laws against violent right-wing militias? What if these militias make it impossible to be a minority in the United States? You don't physically remove them, no. That would be unconstitutional. Citizens have rights I say! But you don't protect them either. You let private armies drive them out.

What if there was a tax on hiring non-Whites — to correct — "the injustice of progressiveism"? What if there was a subsidy to hire non-Whites — in Mexico?

What if there was a tax on renting to non-Whites in the US? What if there was a subsidy to rent to non-Whites, in Mexico? And what if public service announcements made it very clear that there were lots of jobs and apartments down south, but only for minorities?

What if Mexico was a vast dumping ground for undesirables because America invaded it and turned it into a territory?

What if there was a "terrorist attack" committed by the Mexican government that justified such an invasion?

Speaking of terrorists...

What if pedophile activist become terrorist, and this justified drastic action against them? Somehow a group of pedophiles was radicalized and proceed to go on a bombing spree because they want the legalization of pedophilia?

Hell, what if the Mexican government funded pedophile terrorists involved in a child sex trafficking ring? Because the Mexican government was getting kickbacks? Because the politicians were banging underage sex slaves?

I mean, it sounds like something they would do.

In the ensuing chaos, would not extreme measures be warranted?

What if you opened a few dozen "interment camps"? Because "pedophiles are a threat to our national security." You throw a few million pedophiles into the camps. Oops! There was a bureaucratic error. These feminists and social justice professors got classified as child molesters by mistake. Well they did try to destigmatize it, didn't they!

You feed the people in "internment camps" 1200 calories a day, and work them 14 hours a day, 6 days a week doing hard labor. They "accidentally" die, just like the people in Stalin's gulags.

Oops! The historical records seemed to get lost when the records building burned down! How sad! But don't worry! Our special committee has ruled that it was an electrical fire. Yes sire-ree, what an unfortunate accident. Nothing to see here.

I guess we will never know just how many social justice warriors perished in the camps.

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