Monday, April 16, 2018

Aphorism no. 50: Schadenfreude Trumps payment

The most sincere voter is the one who votes for the sadistic enjoyment of his own power. To most of the electorate, sadism is a better payment than cash. This is always why liberals vote, why conservatives voted for Trump (to get revenge for decades of humiliation), and in fact why anyone votes. The purpose of joining a tribe or political party is not the money, but the thrill of collective power; votes flow from the lizard brain. Appeal to that and you will always win. The people experience the thrill of power through their leaders in much the same way as a parent lives vicariously through a child. The leader is not selling leadership, benefits, or wealth, but the humiliation of the class enemies of the people who vote for him. Redistribution is just a bonus, and never the real focus elections. Trump delivered schadenfreude with every speech he made while Hilary promised payouts, and Trump won. Schadenfreude Trumps payment.

Imagine what a right wing armed with both schadenfreude and payment could accomplish?

"We will humiliate the left AND redistribute their wealth back to you."

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