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1.1 on the Scientology Emotional Tone Scale

Part 1: The Genetics of Female Aggression

Did you hear that? Ugly men are "monsters" from this woman's perspective. Also, social stigma is "force," whereas market equilibrium under birth control is "non-aggression"; "you do you and I'll do me."

Though I am not a Scientologist (even though I was raised as one), I can't help but instinctively go back to the religious education I received growing up. It's the first place I go when I am confronted with a problem that has no easy explanation, or a human behavior that defies comprehension. This comment is dripping with an overwhelming entitlement, and a violent contempt for most men. She implicitly asserts that an entire subsection of the male sex is unworthy of her, as if one must be worthy of sex, as if men are somehow beneath women, as if she is worthy of them, as if she is above them, as if any man could tolerate her, etc. A whole series of assumptions are being made here.

Evolutionary psychology has its answer, and Scientology has a completely different answer. In fact, Scientology hates psychiatry, and views it as a destructive materialistic delusion. Evo-psych prescribes a factual basis for this woman's behavior, while Scientology prescribes both a factual explanation and a normative prescription. Unlike evolutionary psychology, Scientology tells us what to do about it. Let us first talk about the evolutionary reason, and use evo-psych to knock down the legendary BS known as the "non-aggression principle," or as I call it, the principle from which all conservative cuckoldry flows.

Simply put, the NAP is impossible. If there are two groups, one that is aggressive and one that is not, the aggressive group will out-compete the peaceful one. If there are two races, one with high birth rates and one with low, the one with high birth rates will overrun the later. If there are two religions, one with fanatics and one without, the one with fanatics will invade the one without. Non-aggression falsely assumes a stasis between two groups, when in reality, even the most mundane differences can impose themselves on others through market dominance, even if those differences represent a suboptimal equilibrium. Purveyors of the NAP believe without substantiation that whatever wins deserves to.

Just like there is no nonaggression between groups, there is no non-aggression between lifestyle choices. If one society wears the head scarf it legally imposes modesty on women. This benefits older women, (who are the majority) at the expense of younger women, (who are the minority, and who will one day become the majority). It decreases intrasexual competition between women, just like all the other prohibitions against immodesty.

A society without laws forcing women to cover up is not a society without conflict, sexism, force or inequality. The absence of a law is not the absence of force. In a permissive society where women are allowed to parade their bodies half-naked. The result is that women who refuse to show off their bodies are at a severe disadvantage in sexual competitions with other women. The same applies to sex. Women who refuse to have premarital sex in a society with widespread promiscuity are disadvantaged relative to those that do. The competition to show ones body — and open ones legs — has all the force of law without any law being made. It imposes itself as a compulsory lifestyle. The alternative is to become a desperate female Christian 40 year old virgin.

The point is that one lifestyle always crows out another. Purveyors of the NAP probably know this and are disguising force as choice, or at least deceiving themselves by refusing to understand that the absence of government forces does not equate to the total absence of all force.

Since various market equilibriums are not the absence of force, but the presence of a different kind of force, people are justified in regulating markets if their version of freedom demands it within their patch of sovereignty. This regulatory right extends to sex.

Nonaggression cannot exist because genes program behaviors that favor conquest and aggression. Those genes that spread, propagate the characteristics of aggression that cause their spread. Obviously.

Basically, genetics renders the NAP impossible.

So coming back to our topic: where does this profound attitude of female entitlement come from? Answer: the genetics of aggression in women. Hypergamy is aggressive — even violent. It is in fact the way violence expresses itself within the female sex, or another way of saying this is, the intrasexual competition between women for a small pool of alpha males, is to women, as intrasexual violence is to men. Women backstab over the one alpha just like men fight with each other over the distribution of women, and hypergamy produces a secondary violence of male sexual drought which has just as much force as if a law had been made.

Part 2: Covert Hostility

In Scientology 1.1 is pronounced "one one" or "one point one," hence the title of this essay. Being "one one" is probably Scientology's biggest taboo, and rightly so. It is again to the Christian prohibition against covetousness, "Thou shalt not covet." — Exodus 20:17. It should matter more in Christianity that it does.

The first place I go when stressed or baffled is my Scientology training, since it came first, and I learned it as a child. Only after, do I reach for the evo-psych logic I learned later in life. But Scientology has an answer for why some women are promiscuous, and why a woman would prefer a life of barren promiscuity to a life of stay-at-home motherhood. In the below extended reference I have changed words like "he" "him" and "his," to, "she" "her" and "hers." I have substituted the masculine for the feminine, I have sprinkled in some other notes in parentheses. Basically, I have rewritten some parts to change the gender of the subject from male to female. All references are stitched together from the book Science of Survival, and are L. Ron Hubbard speaking. He is talking about the emotional tone scale, a scale of emotions from Total Failure at the bottom (-40.0) to Serenity of Beingness at the top (40.0). The tone scale is not about a person's temporary emotional state but their chronic emotional tone, that is, the dominant emotion they feel every day. It is also meant as a moral judgment, as you will see.

I have underlined crucial parts relevant to perverse behaviors in this society and its screwed up attitudes towards the second dynamic. I find reading this like taking a bath because it lifts my mental fog and eliminates confusion. L. Ron Hubbard is just so incredibly certain of what he is talking about, and methodical in his presentation.

Below anger we go into a slightly sorrier level, covert hostility. Here is a woman who hates but is afraid to say she hates, who deals in treachery and who yet expects to be forgiven (demands tolerance) At the lower end of covert or hidden hostility we have the continually frightened person, (suffers from anxiety) the individual ridden by fears, the person who is afraid to be or to own anything. 
Around 1.1, we reach the level of covert hostility. Here the hatred of the individual has been socially and individually censured to a point where it has been suppressed, and the individual no longer dares demonstrate hate as such. She yet possesses sufficient energy to express some feeling on the matter, and so what hatred she feels comes forth covertly. All manner of subterfuges may be resorted to. She may claim to love others and to have the good of others as her foremost interest; yet, at the same moment, she works, unconsciously or otherwise, to injure or destroy the lives and reputations of people and also to destroy property. Below 1.0 we reach fear, which is expressed on its highest level as acute shyness, stage fright, extreme modesty, being tongue-tied among other people, being easily frightened by proffered affection. Here also we reach the strange manifestation of the individual attempting to buy off the imagined danger by propitiation. We have an interesting example of this in processing.

(Processing is just another word for spiritual therapy, which is just another word for auditing)

Widespread covert hostility can be produced by censorship. You know that feeling of "being dead inside" that public school tends to instill? What is that, fear? (1.0), or covert hostility? (1.1).

Cases which are far down on the tone scale will, when they reach 1.0, (fear) quite commonly offer the auditor presents and attempt to do things for (her). A crude description of this was once contained in the idea of transference. At this level we have withdrawal from people. At 0.5, (apathy) we reach the level of grief, wherein we have supplications by the individual, (her) pleas for pity, (her) desperate efforts to win support by tears. We may even have at this level extremely strange perversions of truth intended to achieve the pity and support of others. For instance, the rejected sweetheart, reaching this level of grief may invent all manner of odd and peculiar incidents of cruelty on the part of the last lover in order to win the sympathy of those around her. (This paragraph was unmodified. He actually uses the term "her" here).
Possibly the most exact borderline between sanity and insanity would be that between knowing that one was imagining what had happened and not knowing that one was imagining. All recalls can become short-circuited through the imagination, so that the “I” is led to believe that it is recalling an actuality when really it is having furnished to it from the memory banks an imaginary sequence. When ARC (affinity-reality-communication) is very low on a case, usually below the 2.0 (antagonism) range, the condition obtains with the case that many of his recalls (of past lives), no matter how authentic “I” considers them, are imaginary. As an example of this, consider the person in an anger state who is recounting a conversation or a quarrel he has had. People who are angry almost never tell the truth. People who have sunk to the covert hostility range become so confused between reality and imagination that even their small talk is utterly untrustworthy, and yet these people may believe they are telling the truth. This is a case of recall being short-circuited through the imagination and “I” being furnished imaginary data which is yet labelled as authentic data. Possibly the most flagrant breach of truth occurs in the apathy range or slightly above it, where fear, mingled with grief can cause the wildest perversion of recall.
Below this level, before we reach 1.1, the individual sinks into stubborn silence, sulks, refuses to talk. He will not listen to any communication of any kind from other people, except that which encourages him in his attitude. At 1.1, we have lying, to avoid real communication. It takes the form of pretended agreement, flattery, or verbal appeasement, or simply a false picture of the person’s feelings and ideas, a false facade, an artificial personality. Here is the level of covert hostility, the most dangerous and wicked level on the tone scale. Here is the person who smiles while he inserts a knife blade between your vertebrae. Here is the person who tells you he has stood up for you, when actually he has practically destroyed your reputation.
Here is the insincere flatterer who yet awaits only a moment of unguardedness to destroy. The conversation of this level is filled with small barbs which are immediately afterwards justified as intended compliments. Talking with such a person is the maddening procedure of boxing with a shadow: one realizes that something is wrong, but the guardedness of a 1.1 (covertly hostile person) will not admit anything wrong, even as, all the while, he (or she) does her best to upset and wreak havoc. This is the level of the pervert, the hypocrite, the turncoat.
This is the level of the subversive. From such a person one should never expect an outright frontal attack; the attack will come when one is absent when one’s back is turned, or when one sleeps. Any luckless person married to a 1.1 is, literally speaking, in danger of his life and sanity; for such a person is incapable of any real affection; such a person is so introverted that any demonstrated affection is a hectic sham. Such a person will opportunistically take any avenue which leads to his own security and will leave in the lurch anyone he has pretended to call his friend.

I have to interject at this point because the gender theorist and lesbian dyke Judith Butler wrote a book called Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity where she actually advocates the subversion of traditional sex roles — I mean she literally — says basically says, "we have to subvert gender," over and over again in different ways. I mean my god, it's in the title of the book. Look here, straight from the horses mouth;

"This text continues, then, as an effort to think through the possibility of subverting and displacing those naturalized and reified notions of gender that support masculine hegemony and heterosexist power, to make gender trouble, not through the strategies that figure a utopian beyond, but through the mobilization, subversive confusion, and proliferation of precisely those constitutive categories that seek to keep gender in its place by posturing as the foundational illusions of identity." Page 44.

These people are so conforming to Hubbard's classification system they are like a goddamn parody of themselves. When a Scientologist reads Gender Trouble — if he even reads it — he rolls his eyes and goes, "well that's 1.1."

At 1.1 (covert hostility) is the most dangerously insane person in society, and is likely to cause the most damage. Because of the covert nature of this insanity, it is completely beside the point whether such a person is pronounced insane by any agency. On this level there is no concept of honor, decency or ethics; there is only desperate, death-bent thought of self and of damage to others. Society can handle the angry man; it knows what to expect from him. Society can handle the apathy case; his/her insanity is obvious.
But the 1.1 is a skulking coward who yet contains enough perfidious energy to strike back, but not enough courage ever to give warning. Such people should be taken from the society as rapidly as possible and uniformly institutionalized; for here is the level of the contagion of immorality, and the destruction of ethics; here is the fodder which secret police organizations use for their filthy operations. One of the most effective measures of security that a nation threatened by war could take would be rounding up and placing in a cantonment, away from society, any 1.1 individual who might be connected with government, the military, or essential industry; since here are people who, regardless of any record of their family’s loyalty, are potential traitors, the very mode of operation of their insanity being betrayal. In this level is the slime of society, the sex criminals, the political subversives, the people whose apparently rational activities are yet but the devious writhings of secret hate. A 1.1 can be accurately spotted by his conversation; since he seeks only to enturbulate (shake up emotionally) those around him, to upset them by his conversation, to destroy them without their ever being aware of his purpose. He listens only to data which will serve him in his enturbulations (attempts to shake people up emotionally) Here is the gossip, here is the unfaithful wife, here is the card cheat; here is the most undesirable stratum of any social order.

Or why there is no such thing as "ethical non-monogamy" because there is no such thing as a promiscuous person who is not subversive towards society. Just like there is no such thing as an non-subversive adulator, non-subversive practicing homosexual, etc.

First some terminology.

"Restimulate" roughly describes a feeling that one has related to a traumatic moment of pain. A person who is "restimulated" is reminded — even if only unconsciously — of a moment of pain in such a manner that the dread/hate/fear/negative emotion comes rushing back to them. I you have ever walked into a room where you were abused and felt a sudden sense of panic you have experienced "re-stimulation." If an object or facial expression has ever caused you terror or instant hate for reasons you cannot explain you experienced "restimulation."

In Scientology, to "destimulate" is the opposite. When you walk though a field of tall blades of grass and feel your hands brush through the grass you feel "destimulated." When you go hiking and feel totally refreshed you feel destimulated. When your head is completely clear and you live in the moment you are destimulated.

Preclear roughly translates as "spiritual patient,"

Auditor means roughly "spiritual therapist." It has nothing to do with accounting.

Presenttime is spelled as one word on purpose, since in Scientology it refers to a person's ability to experience the present moment. A person's ability to experience presenttime is a measure of sanity. People who cannot come to presenttime are unconsciously stuck in traumatic past incidents. After the end of a spiritual therapy/auditing session the therapist may ask "are you in presenttime?" And snap his fingers and say "come to presenttime." This is because auditing is all about reliving past lives, and the auditor needs to make sure you have returned to the present before letting you walk out the door.

No social order which desires to survive dares overlook its stratum of 1.1’s. No social order will survive which does not remove these people from its midst. The 1.1 is so low on the tone scale and yet so active mentally, as a rule, that he is very difficult to process. The longest and most arduous course of therapy may still leave the auditor baffled by a mind which is so full of circuits that no real desire for improvement on the part of the preclear can make itself felt. The auditor may feel that only an offer of an obvious presenttime advantage, like being let out of confinement, would tempt this preclear into genuine cooperation. The auditor may feel that this case is just not salvageable. But if, in the case, the auditor can manage to remove some of the circuits or destimulate them he may be able to make progress. It takes a very clever Dianetician (practitioner of Dianetic spiritual therapy) to do anything with a chronic, computational 1.1.

That is really complicated so I will translate.

"No social order which desires to survive dares overlook its stratum of covertly hostile people. No social order will survive which does not remove these people from its midst. The covertly hostile person is so low on the tone scale and yet so active mentally, as a rule, that he is very difficult to treat with spiritual therapy. The longest and most arduous course of therapy may still leave the therapist baffled by a mind which is so full of irrational mental processes that no real desire for improvement on the part of the analysand can make itself felt. The therapist may feel that only an offer of an obvious immediate advantage, like being let out of confinement, would tempt this analysand into genuine cooperation. The therapist may feel that this case is just not salvageable. But if, in the case, the therapist can manage to remove some of the short circuiting mental blocks, or remove enough compulsive anxiety from them he may be able to make progress. It takes a very clever therapist to do anything with a chronic, computational, chronically covertly hostile patient."

Regarding the position of free love on the emotional tone scale.

It will be noted, in observing the behavior of human beings, and on this chart of the tone scale, that promiscuity, perversion, sadism, and irregular practices fall far down the line. Free Love falls, also, in this very low band; since man is relatively monogamous and since it is non-survival not to have a well ordered system for the creation and upbringing of children, by families. A society which falls into this 1.1 band of the tone scale can be expected to abuse sex, to be promiscuous, to misuse and maltreat children, and to act, in short, much in the way current cultures are acting. It is of vital importance, if one wishes to stop immorality, and the abuse of children, to de-aberrate this dynamic for the whole group of the society, to say nothing of individuals.

Aberration means deviation from a straight line, perversion, neurosis, insanity, etc. To be aberrated is to be less sane than one should be. A person receiving the spiritual therapy known as auditing is called an "aberree" among other terms.

In Scientology our society is considered covertly hostile at most. I remember my cousin who was on staff in the Church once saying that they did a survey to try to ascertain the emotional tone level of the public, since knowing people's tone level would allow for better marketing. He said that they concluded that America's chronic tone was fear, or 1.0, which is slightly below covert hostility.

At the highest (physical) point of the tone scale, 4.0, (enthusiasm) one finds monogamy, constancy, a high enjoyment level, and very moral reactions toward sex; but one also finds the sexual urge acting to create more than children, and so comes about a sublimation of sex into creative thought. At 3.5 (cheerfulness) on the tone scale, we have a high interest in the opposite sex, and constancy, but we do not have so great a sublimation. At 3.0 (conservatism) on the tone scale, we have some falling off in sexual interest, but we have an interest in procreation and children. At 2.5, (boredom) we have some disinterest in procreation, not for any reason beyond a general failure to be interested in much of anything. The sexual act can be adequately performed, given the physical ability. At the band of 2.0, (antagonism) we begin to get a disgust for sex, a revulsion toward sex, mostly when irregularly practiced. At the 1.5 (anger) band of the tone scale, we find sex appearing as rape; we find the sexual act being performed as a punishment.
At 1.1 (covert hostility) on the tone scale we enter the area of the most vicious reversal of the second dynamic. Here we have promiscuity, perversion, sadism, and irregular practices. We have no enjoyment of the sex act but a hectic anxiety about it. The sex act cannot truly be enjoyed whether performed regularly or irregularly. Here is Free Love, easy marriage and quick divorce, and general sexual disaster. People at this level on the second dynamic are intensely dangerous in the society, since aberration is contagious. A society which reaches this level is on its way out of history, as went the Greeks, as went the Romans, as goes modern European and American culture. Here is a flaming danger signal which must be heeded if a race is to go forward.
At 0.5, (grief) we have impotency and anxiety about sex, with only occasional efforts to procreate. On the second dynamic we get occasional resurgences, from 0.5 (grief) up the scale, which quickly relapse.

Now Hubbard talks about the attitude of people towards children at various different levels on the tone scale. The term "dwindling spiral" refers to the cycle of spiritual decline that happens both within a life and across many lifetimes of reincarnation. It is a spiritual cycle where the individual "spirals downward" through a series of traumatic experiences that happen again and again, life after life. The dwindling spiral is caused by the abuses one receives, and by the sins one commits. The term "second dynamic" refers to sex (2DA), and the product of sex, which is children (2DB). Death is considered a point on the tone scale corresponding to 0.0.

"It is interesting to note here the application of the principle of the dwindling spiral to the second dynamic. On any of the dynamics and on any column of this chart, when the individual sinks below the 2.0 (emotional antagonism) level, the dwindling spiral rapidly carries him down through 1.5, (anger) 1.1, (cover hostility) 0.5, (grief) to death (0.0). This is particularly evident on the second dynamic (with regards to sex). The 1.1 (covertly hostile) individual, engaged in frantic pseudo-sexual activity today, will in a very near tomorrow, much nearer than he suspects, find himself or herself at the 0.5 (grief) level of impotency and anxiety.
The organs of sex, at the 0.5 level, become relatively useless; indeed, this second dynamic tone scale is closely applicable to the endocrine activity of the individual and the form and condition of the physical body. The woman who in her teens was at the 1.1 level of the scale will not have a well enough developed pelvic structure or endocrine system to permit her bearing children with ease. Difficult births are a normal result of too long a residence in a low band of the tone scale during the formative period of the body. Easy births can only be expected with women who are relatively high on the tone scale.

"Pretended death band" is a term that refers to those points on the emotional tone scale in the negative numbers. For example "worshiping bodies" is a tone level of negative 5.0, "being objects" is -10.0, and "controlling bodies" is -1.5. Even sex is on there at -6.0 and it is called "sacrifice." Yes, sex is a tone level.

It is noteworthy that the 1.1 to 0.5 area of the tone scale finds the muscles, particularly the sexual muscles, without tonus. The nymphomaniac and the satyr are extremely slackmuscled, (loose lips) and the tonus around 0.5 is almost non-existent. In the pretended death band there is, of course, no effort to procreate. Along the -1 band, where the organism as an organism is dead but the cells still survive, it is interesting that ejaculation and sexual activity occasionally take place immediately after the death of the individual, which gives some index of the strength and force of this dynamic.

Now here it gets really interesting.

Life is defined, in cytology, as an unending stream of protoplasm from the beginning of life itself until now. Down through the ages as a continuous genetic stream, this protoplasm is modified by natural selection and environmental conditioning, as well as by what seems to be outright planning, from generation to generation. Because life is so dependent upon this lifeline, it is very easy to place too great an emphasis upon the sexual act, the thing which keeps this lifeline in a continuous stream.
The second part of this dynamic concerns itself with children, the product of sex. There is a gradient of reaction toward children, from the top to the bottom of the tone scale, which the auditor (spiritual therapist) can use in order to place his preclear properly on the chart.
At 4.0 (enthusiasm) there is an intense interest in children, which extends to both the mental and physical well being of the children and the society in which these children will live. Here are efforts to add to the culture so that the children will have a better chance for survival.
At 3.5, (cheerfulness) we have a love of children, a care of them, an understanding of them.
At 3.0, (conservatism) we have an interest in children.

Conservatism, a term which is normally considered political in nature, is considered a relatively high emotional tone in Scientology.

At 2.5, (boredom) we have a tolerance of children, but not a great interest in their affairs.
At 2.0, (antagonism) we have nagging of, and nervousness about children.
At 1.5, (anger) we enter the band of brutal treatment of children, heavy corporal punishment, the forcing of the child into a mould with pain, breaking his dramatizations, upsets about his noise or clutter.
At 1.1 (covert hostility) on the tone scale, there may be two reactions to children. There may be an actual and immediate desire for children, as a manifestation of sex. But we also may have the use of children for sadistic purposes. And we may find both of these in the same individual. We have a long-term general neglect of children, with an occasional sporadic interest in them; we have very little thought for the child’s future or the culture in which the child will grow up.At 0.5, we have mainly an anxiety about children, fear that they will be hurt, fear of this and fear of that concerning children, and a hopelessness about their future.

So neglect is a feature of covertly hostile parents, as well as indifference towards the condition of society, the future of the nation, etc.

At 1.1, a mother will attempt the abortion of her child; and any woman who will abort a child, save only if the child threatens her physical life (rather than her reputation), lies in the 1.1 bracket or below. She can be expected to be unreliable, inconstant and promiscuous; and the child is looked upon as evidence of this promiscuity.

In Scientology women who get abortions for any reason other than to save their own lives are considered covertly hostile, at most, or even worse.

At 0.5 (grief) we have abortion with the specious reasoning that the world or the future is too horrible to bring a child into. With the parent at 0.5, all the natural gaiety and happiness of the child will be suppressed, and we have as unhealthy an atmosphere for childhood as one could postulate.

Note that the idea that "the world is too horrible to bring children into" is a standard left-wing line fed to White people by progressives.

At 0.1, (victim) there is not even awareness of children.
It is notable, as one glances down this column, that an interest in children includes an interest not only in the bearing of the child but in the child’s well being, happiness, mental state, education, and general future. We may have a person on the 1.1 (covertly hostile) level who seems very anxious to produce a child; very possibly this person is following an engram command to have children. Once the child is born we may have, in this 1.1 bracket, an interest in it as a plaything or a curiosity, but, following this, we get general neglect and thoughtlessness about the child and no feeling whatsoever about the child’s future or any effort to build one for it. We get careless familial actions such as promiscuity, which will tear to pieces the family security upon which the child’s future depends. Along this band, the child is considered a thing, a possession.
A half tone above this, in the anger band, the child is a target for the dramatizations which the individual does not dare execute against grown-ups in the environment -- a last ditch effort to be in command of something. Here we have domination of the child, with a constant warping of its character.
The whole future of the race depends upon its attitude toward children; and a race which specializes in women for “menial purposes,” or which believes that the contest of the sexes in the spheres of business and politics is a worthier endeavor than the creation of tomorrow’s generation, is a race which is dying. We have, in the woman who is an ambitious rival of the man in his own activities, a woman who is neglecting the most important mission she may have. A society which looks down upon this mission, and in which women are taught anything but the management of a family, the care of men, and the creation of the future generation, is a society which is on its way out. The historian can peg the point where a society begins its sharpest decline at the instant when women begin to take part, on an equal footing with men, in political and business affairs; since this means that the men are decadent and the women are no longer women. This is not a sermon on the role or position of women: it is a statement of bald and basic fact. When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future. Even beyond the fathering and bearing and rearing of children, a human being does not seem to be complete without a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. This relationship is the vessel where in is nurtured the life force of both individuals, whereby they create the future of the race in body and thought. If man is to rise to greater heights, then woman must rise with him, or even before him. But she must rise as woman and not as today she is being misled into rising -- as a man. It is the hideous joke of frustrated, unvirile men to make women over into the travesty of men which men themselves have become. Men are difficult and troublesome creatures -- but valuable. The creative care and handling of men is an artful and a beautiful task. Those who would cheat women of their rightful place by making them into men should at last realize that by this action they are destroying not only the women but the men and the children as well. This is too great a price to pay for being “modern” or for someone’s petty anger or spite against the female sex.
The arts and skills of woman, the creation and inspiration of which she is capable and which, here and there in isolated places in our culture, she still manages to effect in spite of the ruin and decay of man’s world which spreads around her, must be brought newly and fully into life. These arts and skills and creation and inspiration are her beauty, just as she is the beauty of mankind.

Science of Survival is the one Scientology book you actually should read.

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