Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Purpose and Value of an International Guard

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country." — General George S. Patton

1. A racist volunteers for war.
2. Millions of racists get their nuts blown off.
3. They don't reproduce.
4. World peace happens.
5. So in a way war leads to world peace.
Keep being racist.

My theory is that capitalism is putting selection pressure on humans to change genetically. It does this by sending racists to die in war, communists to die in revolution, giving birth control to feminists, and generally suppressing the genetics of everyone it dislikes. The only question is, how can this process be engineered for the benefit of the humans? Also, why is migration such a problem? Does capitalism hate IQ? For that matter, does capitalism hate humans? Let us ignore most of these questions and address only the question of racism for the moment.

War eliminates xenophobia as racists self-select into the volunteer armies of the world.

The trick is to get the Arabs, Blacks, and Hispanic racists to die faster than you own. But how to accomplish that?

The endless wars of the US are shredding its genetic capacity for self-defense. It used to be that war rape might compensate for deaths in conflict, so that building an empire had no derogatory effect on a nations ability to defend itself, so that no matter what, the genetics of xenophobia would propagate. Obviously this created a very violent world.

Now war simply ruins the genes of racists. Many liberals will laugh and say, "and that's a problem why?"

Because once a nation has endured two World Wars wars, (like the nations of Europe), they become "cucked" after which they get invaded by refugees and migrants, and lack the cultural will to defend themselves against invasion.

Eventually war leads to soft men who put women in charge of national defense and surrender to Islam (or whatever the latest violent force is).

If you allow Islam to conquer Europe you simply allow the reintroduction of the genetics of racism and violence, after which a new round of world wars will happen once Islam establishes a European caliphate. Our goal is world peace, not "an endless cycle of migrant invasions, followed by more world wars, followed by more migrant invasions."

So how do you get peace? If you fight then you shred the genes necessary to defend yourself. If you don't fight the world keeps being racist and violent. What is the answer?
"The International Guard"
No, not The National Guard, but the international version of it.

What does it do, you say?

It recruits foreign born men to serve in America's military, sends them to war as infantry troops, and get their nuts blown off. It's a gene shredder for foreign racists.

Also, it allows America to indulge her endless craven lust for contractor profits war.

You keep foreign units separate and locate them on different bases in order to prevent spying. You have a separate chain of command as well.

You run adverts in foreign countries that appeal to blood lust and violence. You recruit thugs and violent racists in OTHER countries, and use them as cannon fodder. Preferably, you recruit hundreds of thousands from a single country at a time, and use them in wars against other violent ethnic groups. You deliberately use ineffective combat methods that cause high fatality rates because the enemy is not the enemy but your own foreign troops. You goal is not to prevent the shredding of your own genes for racism, but to accelerate the process in foreign countries while slowing it in your own, so that the empire produces a steadily expanding zone of peace that prevents back migration into the first world. Your goal is to establish a genetic buffer zone and make the rest of the world peaceful before making yourself that way. You target the countries that are connected by land bridges and near bodies of water, (Mexico, Central America, Africa, the Middle East, in the case of the West, or Tibet, India, the Stans, in the case of China).

You shred them first.

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  1. Aren't we giving guns to trannies and homos now? We could just send them to Syria.


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